Heroes of Newerth - New Hero Strategy Tips: Aluna

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Mar 01, 2011 15:25

Hereos of NewErth Alune Introduction:

HoN’s latest hero, Aluna, is a very unique and versatile ganker/semi-carry. Her skill-set allows her to excel both in one-on-one situations with enemy heroes as well as large team fights. Her most notable advantage is her ability to snipe enemy heroes across the map, making her one of the most intimidating heroes to face when used by a skilled player.

heroes of newerth Aluna

Skill Set:

  1. Emerald Lightning: Launches a bolt of lightning that bounces (1/2/2/3) times off her enemies, stealing (14/17/20/23) attack speed from each unit for 5 seconds and stunning them for 1 second + 0.5 per bounce.

  • This skill bounces to the closest unit first and only hits each unit once. This allows you to control the path of the lightning to stun enemies in the order you want.

  • In the laning phase, try to take advantage of your opponent’s positioning so that he ends up being the last unit hit and receiving the longest stun.

  • Emerald Red doubles the stun duration for the last unit hit by the bounce, so aiming this correctly becomes even more important if you want to devastate your opponent with a 5 second stun!


  1. Power Throw: Aluna throws her weapon at a target location up to 1700 range away, dealing (140/210/280/350) magic damage to all enemies along the line. This damage is reduced by 10% per enemy unit hit.

  • Power Throw kills trees along its path, allowing you to reveal enemy heroes trying to fog you and finish them off. For more creative uses, try cutting escape paths through trees!

  • You get vision in a small AoE for a few seconds in the area where Power Throw ends. Use this to scout ahead in dangerous territory so you don’t get ganked!

  • Emerald Red removes the damage reduction from her Power Throw and gives it global range. With accurate timing you can snipe enemy heroes across the map and help out allies in tough situations!

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