Homefront Singleplayer Review (PC)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Mar 19, 2011 15:12

Homefront from Kaos Studios and THQ arrived at the office on Friday. It is now Saturday at 14:38 and I have finished the game on normal. It took just four hours and even then that was with me doing some minor exploring and collecting. The game does a great job of setting the mood and showing you the harsh realities of occupation. If they had put that same level of detail into the gameplay and campaign, this would have been an all around winner. In the end, it’s not.

Speaking of that, neither of those two activities is really welcome in the game. Your NPC colleagues are constantly badgering you to move forward pushing the game at a pace that allows one to finish it in perhaps 3.5 hours or so. That is beyond disgusting for a modern first-person shooter. Even Medal of Honor took me some 6 hours to finish and I thought THAT was short.

The story goes the the world tumbles into economic failure, the US most of all and so the country is weakened over time while North Korea continues to grow stronger and begins taking over the countries around it with an eye on the US, which it eventually invades forcing the citizens to become guerrilla fighters resisting the oppressive North Korean occupation.

Homefront Oasis Screen

If/When THQ and Kaos Studios release single player DLC for this title it had better be free because while the overall storyline is good, Jacobs, your character, has a story so short on content that it could fit into a thimble. You are given no background on him except that he is a pilot and you are nothing but a mindless drone through much of the game. Go here Jacobs, do this Jacobs, shoot that guy Jacobs, hurry the hell up JACOBS!

Like I said, exploring and collecting the one thing that they put in the game to collect, newspapers which give you further background into the world situation, is extremely poorly implemented. So much so that I stopped looking for them and when I did stumble upon them, I rarely read more than the first line. They not only pull you completely out of the game itself but force you to read the collected item on the spot. In a real-world situation like the one in the game, that would get you shot. Who stands around reading a newspaper in the middle of a fire fight? On top of that the game impatiently pushes you forward and so even when you do feel like exploring it is annoying you the whole time.

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Our Rating for Homefront Singleplayer Review (PC)
7.0 Replay
I might go get some achievements and play some multiplayer, but I won’t go play through the whole 4-hour campaign again.
9.0 Graphics
Some of the textures seem overdone and yet remain flat looking. Other than that there’s a lot of good graphics and environments in the game.
9.0 Sound
A great soundtrack (see my review of that separately) which is further enhanced by great weapons sounds, explosion and some decent voice work although dialog is flat at times.
5.0 Gameplay
FOUR hours of single player? That is highway robbery and THQ and Kaos Studios should be ashamed of themselves. That is disgusting. The actual gameplay is fine but I left me completely unsatisfied.
7.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
Lots of missions and maps. It almost feels like this was the main focus of the game when it should have been the single player campaign.
6.5 Overall
I know the overall score doesn’t add up to an average on all the other facets, but because of the cheap, on-rails, four hour single player campaign I am completely dissatisfied with Homefront and if you are looking for a strong single player game, this is certainly not it right now. They should offer up some free DLC to expand the single player or else they are just stealing money from gamers. If this had been 7-9 hours of single player, it might have gotten a Silver. 10 hours would have been a gold award.

Rating: 1.8, votes: 5

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