Crysis 2 Review (PC)

Posted by Michael Oliver, Mar 31, 2011 09:44


Smoke plumes rise into the sky. The streets are collapsed and skyscrapers are burning. It’s 2023 and New York is in decay. An alien virus has decimated the local population and tremors constantly terrorize the ruined city. The ground around me is littered with gelatinous alien Crysis 2 scraps. What might be a leg, maybe an arm, is up in a tree as I round the corner. Moments earlier, an Assault Squad of aliens, known as Ceph, were effortlessly dispatched. A patrol ship decides extra reinforcements are needed to stop my rampage.

Drop pods squirt out the back of the ship and smash into the ground hard. More Ceph Grunts emerge to join the battle. I sprint straight at them because the super human abilities of the Nanosuit have made me cocky; in the back of my head I’m wondering if this is the smart thing to do? Shrugging off any hesitation and engaging the Grunts with my fully automatic M-60 is fun. Laughing like a maniac and spitting lead downrange at the Ceph, the only brief pause in the carnage is a single moment behind cover, to catch my breath and reload. One remaining Grunt retreats over a ledge and I follow without a thought. I don’t want to waste any time in finding him, so upon hearing my suit proclaim “NANO VISION ENABLED,” I spot him through a cloud of dust with the Nanosuit’s infrared vision. With a grin on my face, I leave nothing to chance and nonchalantly shred him to bits with the last of my ammo. I switch to my trusty backup - a pump action shotgun and move on.

Crysis 2 Review

Immediate and alarming panic shakes my bones as I realize that only one buckshot round is left over from all the previous firefights. With a rock ledge at my back, the situation grows even more dire as additional Ceph drop pods shake the earth. I turn around and find a Ceph Commander staring down his barrel at me. Deciding there is nothing left to do but embrace my situation; the Nanosuit’s voice then echoes “MAXIMUM ARMOR” as I charge him. Sacrificing speed and agility for armor, most of the damage from the incoming hailstorm of bullets is absorbed by the Nanosuit’s thickened skin. As I engage the Ceph Commander in hand to hand combat, the early battle is lost when I’m knocked to my feet. After a brief struggle, I quickly get the upper hand - quite literally - when I grab the grotesque alien by his throat and lift him off his feet.

I stare into his eyes and mumble an obscenity at him before tossing his body high into the air like a rag doll, pull out my shotgun and hip-fire my last round into his flying body. His lifeless corpse hits the ground with a satisfying squish. On my way past him towards the level exit, I give him a little kick, a tiny celebration of my victory before moving on.

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Our Rating for Crysis 2 Review (PC)
6.0 Replay
A very linear single player experience lasting 7-9 hours; replay value only exists when completing it under a harder difficulty, or acquiring collectibles.
9.5 Graphics
There is a reason Crysis is known for setting the standard in graphics, this game is beautiful in every way. Water, lighting and atmospheric effects are of the highest quality.
9.0 Sound
High production value soundtrack: an excellent complement to the game’s near perfect graphics. Annoying single voice for mercenaries, no voice for character.
9.0 Gameplay
Thrilling, satisfying combat in an urban jungle with many options to explore, and different ways to destroy your enemies.
8.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Anyone who calls this game a Call of Duty clone, hasn’t played either game very much. While it does borrow perk, attachment and kill streak systems, it is a different game entirely by nature of the superhuman strength, speed and invisibility wielded by the Nanosuits.
8.5 Overall
The amazing visuals, gameplay and fun factor of blowing stuff up propels Crysis 2 to overshadow it’s linear story and uninspired ending, to be a very recommendable single player adventure. Multiplayer can stand on its own, and the learning curve for it is higher than usual for a shooter, due to the fun subtleties of Nanosuit combat.

Rating: 3.4, votes: 5

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