World of Tanks [Video] Review (PC Online)

Posted by Michael Oliver, Apr 08, 2011 15:39

A World of Tanks Overviewworld of tanks

Five methods of armored destruction are available to you in this team-based battle for armored supremacy. Each type of tank has its own risks and rewards. Utilize them all together with teamwork across 16 unique battlegrounds and you’ll survive. Throw in some good communication and your team will be unstoppable. Over 100 tanks are available to you.

  • Spearhead a frontal assault with Heavy tanks

  • Handle any situation with multi-purpose Medium tanks

  • Scout or flank with speedy and maneuverable Light tanks

  • Snipe from safety with long ranged Self Propelled Guns

  • Ambush with powerful punching Tank Destroyer

[Images taken from World of Tanks wiki.]

American, Russian and German versions of each type of tank have purchasable upgrades to improve them, or incrementally unlock better variants of each tank through the tech tree. Staff them with a dedicated crew to pilot your tank and gain experience through various actions: spot your foes and relay their position to friendlies, deal out some damage, kill an enemy tank or capture their main base.

More maps, tanks and clan support will be added soon as well. One of the best things here is that the early tier tanks are some of the most fun and cost the least to operate.

Head to page 2 to see the videos on both tanks and SPGs.

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Our Rating for World of Tanks [Video] Review (PC Online)
10.0 Replay
A perfect 10 because this game is intrinsically well-designed to be enjoyed when it is replayed. Acquire a massive or diverse tank army, upgrade each one individually and master combat with them.
7.5 Graphics
Acceptable to the point to where it’s not a problem. Room for improvement, especially with the buildings and trees. There’s also no way to physically tell a tank is damaged besides smoke or you hovering over it to find a health percentage.
8.5 Sound
Sound effects are great, but atmospheric sounds could be enhanced. Also, it’s virtually impossible to hear enemy tanks sneaking up on you or your artillery cannon firing during the top down view.
8.5 Gameplay
Perfect the spotting system and this would be a 9.5. With terrain deformation and better destruction physics, it’d earn a 10.
10.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Heroics not effective? Teamwork required to win? Clan support? Free to play online? Dedicated Servers? Instant matchmaking within seconds? These are the defining characteristics of an expertly designed multiplayer game.
9.0 Overall
This MMO is a free to play downloadable game, one that is both intense and addicting. The replay value is off the charts and the extent of detail is impressive. Epic tank combat hasn’t been this fun since Battlefield 1942.

Rating: 4.3, votes: 255

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