Battlefield Play4Free [VIDEO] Review (PC Online)

Posted by Michael Oliver, Apr 15, 2011 09:30

FEELING NOSTALGIC for Battlefield 2?

To passionate PC gamers like myself, the legendary Battlefield name comes with some great memories. Flying a fighter jet in a tight circle, trying to out turn your opponent in a dogfight. Battlefield Play4free Gunning in an attack helicopter to pin down some heavy armor over a ridge. Driving an APC through a heavily forested area to dodge incoming fighter-bomber payloads. Running down a side alley to revive wounded teammates and then regrouping to flank a fortified enemy position. The one thing you can count on a Battlefield game to bring you is combined arms combat that countless imitators have tried to copy, but none have perfected nearly as well.

You can find the open Beta at After account generation and deciding which of the four classes to pick (assault, medic, engineer or sniper), you get a chance to modify your soldier’s appearance with skin tone, facial hair and color. First thing you’re met with upon downloading Battlefield Play 4 Free (BF:P4F) is the classic Battlefield theme song with a heavy metal twist, preformed by the Swedish metal band Corroded.


The unlockables BF P4F training
Unlockable Items Training Menu

BF:P4F’s weapon unlock menu displays primary, secondary, gadget and other customization choices. This is where most people find severe fault with the free to play system. The most effective weapons cost credits, and even then you only get to rent, not buy. The only way to keep an item forever is to purchase it outright with cold hard cash turned into Battlefunds. The good news is that playing the game for an hour or two should reward a decent player with enough free credits to rent the right equipment for three days. Thus, if a player is determined enough, no cash ever needs to be spent and they can keep renting the stuff they like repeatedly.

The training menu displays ways you can spend your experience points with options in combat or equipment expertise. Equipment unlocks give you access to gear like grenades, special explosives or extra vehicle armor. Combat unlocks increase your awareness of immediate surroundings.

The biggest objection that most might have to this system, is the requirement to unlock the ability to fly aircraft. I for one, have come to understand it. This forces people to try the infantry for a round or two before hopping into a plane and crashing it into the ground. Familiarizing yourself with infantry mechanics again before getting back into a tank or chopper isn’t a tragedy because unlocking each costs only one point. You get one point for each rank, and getting to rank three takes about half an hour. There’s no requirement to spend money and the large majority of users won’t, but all of these minor “features” add up to really discourage FPS purists. Just keep in mind that the game is free. Game developer’s gotta make a buck somehow, right?

Battlefield Play4Free: 32 PLAYER WARFARE

Currently the open beta has three medium sized maps, ripped straight from BF2: Karkand, Sharqi and Oman. While about 90% of the maps are intact, they are unmistakably different.

Virtually every building is now scalable by the addition of some ladders, creating new sniper perches. As a direct result there’s new cover on the ground and streets to counter the rooftops. These map changes would be a welcome addition if it weren’t for one game breaking aspect of design: you can’t change class mid-round. Many selfish players choose the recon class first, spending all their time sniping and never capturing objectives or helping the team. The historic under use of the Engineer class is compounded even further. An attempt by the developers to make a buck in forcing players to buy the last two kits breaks Battlefield’s balance. The inability to switch between the two kits you get for free makes it even worse. But let’s take a closer look at each map individually. These screenshots from “Sgt.TmH” in the BF:P4F forums displays the visual differences between BF2 and this game. Less brown hazy fog and more leafy cover make this a more visually appealing version of Karkand.

Battlefield 2 Karkand Battlefield Play4Free Karkand
Battlefield 2 Karkand
Battlefield Play4Free Karkand


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Our Rating for Battlefield Play4Free [VIDEO] Review (PC Online)
8.0 Replay
Only 3 maps, but Battlefield is intrinsically repayable because of the different play styles of each kit. More maps to come upon full release.
6.5 Graphics
Nothing much new here, Battlefield 2 quality graphics could use some improvement, but they’re still better than some other games out there.
6.5 Sound
There are some improvements made since BF2, but nothing revolutionary.
9.5 Gameplay
If you liked BF2 or Bad Company 2, you’ll like this game. It gives you the best of both worlds. Hit registration is excellent.
9.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Good teamwork is essential for a fun experience, so when most of your team are snipers it can get dull. When most of the bugs and issues are fixed, this game has potential to rival BF2’s multiplayer.
8.0 Overall
A great game considering its only a beta. Don’t spend money just yet, let the developers patch most of the bugs and get closer to a final release. This is a must play for anyone who’s enjoyed Battlefield games before.

Rating: 3.8, votes: 5

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