Guerrilla Bob Review (PC)

Posted by Michael Oliver, Apr 21, 2011 14:32

This concept is not new, move with left hand, aim and shoot with right hand. The goal is to reach the end of the linear trail, kill the level boss and ultimately reach the final boss to... kill him. While this genre is packed on the mobile market, not many are this well polished. The art direction and detail is impressive on a hand held phone. But just because a game makes a great mobile phone title, doesn’t mean a direct port to the Mac or PC should be looked at in the same light. What might be considered top of the line graphics in mobile gaming, are barely average graphics on the PC.

Guerrilla Bob’s story mode is available on easy or hard with seven stages, taking about 60 minutes of your time. The mercenary mode has a slight twist, where you acquire cash in the pursuit of new weapons not available in the regular story mode. The gameplay is intriguing enough to be enjoyable until the story ends, and even fun enough to play through it again in the mercenary mode. The issue is Guerrilla Bob is extremely easy, I found no difficulty even on hard. On the mercenary mode I had no problem saving up for the best gun without issue and just walking through to the end like a breeze. The final and hardest mode gives you only one life in a circular arena to survive against an endless supply of enemies. It was the most enjoyable as well because it was the only place I found a real challenge – mainly because it doesn’t end.

The combat works pretty much as intended, but you’re limited by the camera angle if you have to venture in any direction besides up. A simple solution to this issue would be some freedom with camera movement, especially on the PC and Mac ports. Being able to zoom out could alleviate many frustrations like pyros or bombers hiding just out of frame, yet still dealing damage.

All together, Guerilla Bob is an OK game, I wouldn’t recommend it for the PC or Mac because after two hours I got bored and had beaten it twice. It’s a decent mobile phone experience turned into a sub par PC port. It’s clearly more suited for the mobile environment. Check out the Survival mode below to see Guerilla Bob in action.

Guerrilla Bob 2
Guerrilla Bob 4
Guerrilla Bob 5
Guerrilla Bob 8
Guerrilla Bob 9
Check out the Survival mode above to see Guerilla Bob in action

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Our Rating for Guerrilla Bob Review (PC)
3.0 Replay
Three modes to entertain you, but a very short story lasting only an hour.
4.5 Graphics
What might be stellar graphics on a mobile phone is sub-average on the PC.
4.5 Sound
Bob utters a couple great one liners, otherwise the sound effects and music is bland and ordinary.
6.5 Gameplay
The slightly above average experience is well polished fun for a little while.
5.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Only local multiplayer is available, but the connection between a PC/Mac and the mobile phone versions of the game is a nice feature.
4.5 Overall
A longer story with more stages, wider array of weapons, increased difficulty and better camera work could vastly improve this game. Wait until this title is $5 or less, better yet - get it on your phone instead.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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