Cargo!: The Quest for Gravity Review (PC)

Posted by Michael Oliver, May 03, 2011 12:06


Land, air or sea: build aircraft, boats, helicopters, submarines or cars - traverse any Cargoenvironment with any type of vehicle you create from scratch and blueprints. Or, you can build something that can traverse any medium at any time. Ever wanted to build a submersible quad-chopper car? Drive into the ocean and submerse, or drive off a cliff and fly away. Or a flying car that soars through the sky and when you get bored, just land and drive off to continue the fun on the ground. You can do these things and more in Cargo!: the quest for gravity.

submersible quad-chopper carIn this whimsical wonderland, the “Gods” have altered the earth, removed humans and replaced them with gravity-immune “buddies” who are spread across tiny archipelagos. These fat, naked midgets ooze “fun” - the secret ingredient that will return gravity to our world. In fact, it’s the only thing currently holding the buddies to the ground. So playing as Flawkes, one of the only remaining human survivors, you utilize your engineering skills to craft unique vehicles so you can harvest fun from the buddies. Taking them along for the ride, speeding off a ramp, or flying a huge helicopter and doing aerobatics collects fun in large quantity.


Fun doubles as currency, which you can use to buy parts from the Gods and create fancifully

Amphibious plane

interesting crafts. The physics engine of Cargo! offers a sandbox style approach to objectives. When your goal is to fly to a floating island, it’s up to the player if they want to take a chopper, plane or hot air balloon, perhaps some kind of weird cross-combination if the mood strikes you. If you need to cruise over an ocean to reach an island - make a sail boat, paddle boat or speed boat. The choice is yours.

The seasons change as you progress through the game, as do your objectives. Through autumn, winter, spring and summer you acquire new and different components for your idiotic creations. In this explosively colorful world, the buddies are the stand out stars. There’s just something disturbing watching nude dwarfs squeal in excitement as you’re going 100 Km/h while skating over an icy lake. Maybe that’s just me.

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Our Rating for Cargo!: The Quest for Gravity Review (PC)
8.0 Replay
Steam achievements, a sandbox mode, countless vehicle combinations and possibilities, the fun in this game is only over when you feel you’ve perfectly designed every type of craft.
7.0 Graphics
The color of the game is vibrant and the world is alive. Great graphics, but poor optimization and performance.
3.0 Sound
Disappointing voice acting, especially from Flawkes, and the sound effects can tend to be overly annoying.
5.0 Gameplay
Good gameplay plagued by a poor physics engine and unforgivably losing parts in certain areas of the story.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
6.0 Overall
A fun but concise story and sandbox mode prove to be rewarding and repayable. It’s a great game until you feel limited by the physics and lack of stuff to do once you’ve made multiple iterations of each type of vehicle. Kids will love the silliness and adults should appreciate the creativity offered.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 3

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