Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review (X360)

Posted by Martin Solc (MatesLbc89), May 03, 2011 16:54

Singleplayer and Story

After clicking through the setup of your new single player campaign you will get to the first Operation Flashpoint red river, drowning in itselfunpleasant moment. Of course, I am talking about the loading time that takes about two to four minutes. This wont get any better even if you install the game to the hard drive. Instead of an intro movie you will be surprised by an animation showing a war map which is followed by a few minutes of speech about a fictive conflict in Tajikistan. This makes you actually look forward to playing. Finally, after all this your character appears right in a military base in the middle of nowhere accompanied by his team. Here your meet your new commander who will show you how to shoot in the firing range and how to throw grenades. Very soon you have the luck to get to your first action.

Each mission in Red River starts almost  the same. You are sitting on the back of an army Hummer with your unit and your commander. This guy keeps telling you what a lazy squad of stupid greenhorns you are, which he doesn’t forget to combine with all possible and impossible bad words that even west side gangsta rappers would be ashamed of.

All the missions are very very similar. First transport with Hummer or a chopper followed by long trip on foot that can get easily very boring. The next part is mostly attack on a village and then defending the village against some enemy soldiers that appeared out of nowhere. After completing all your objectives you have to lead your unit back to the Hummers and move to another part of huge environment.

OF red river doesn’t really look this good

The flatness of the campaign can often be unbelievably boring, even fighting against your enemies. Those guys just somehow run around the villages but mostly just stand like dummies, firing at you with AKs.

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Our Rating for Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review (X360)
4.5 Replay
While playing this game you might just say `Oh man its so boring` and never actually finish it, let alone go back for a second helping of pain.
5.5 Graphics
Very nice weapons and vehicles model. Everything else is very ugly and could really use more work than they have been putting into the series on the whole.
7.0 Sound
Good music, nice atmosphere in the Humvee of the main menu. Totally unrealistic plastic voices which really pull you out of the immersion.
4.0 Gameplay
Controls for this game can sometimes make you so angry that you feel like just throwing the controller out of the window and walking away in disgust.
8.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
The only fun part of this game, mostly if you play with your friends and use your microphone for some hours or a couple evenings.
5.0 Overall
Very disappointing. The developers did not learn from their mistakes in the previous Flashpoint and they don’t seem to be listening to their community of players either.

Rating: 1.0, votes: 1

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