Section 8: Prejudice [Video] Review (PC)

Posted by Mike Oliver, May 23, 2011 22:51

The overall gameplay is reminiscent of a juvenile Halo battle where you need to spam bullets at enemies to kill them; throw in some Tribes jetpacks, vehicles and weapons along with some ET:Section 8 prejudice Quake Wars turrets and gadgets - you’ve got yourself Section 8: Prejudice. On the surface, Section 8: Prejudice looks aesthetically like a combo of these games as well but where it differs drastically from every single one is price. At $15, Section 8: Prejudice is immediately more attractive than all of those predecessors, unfortunately it might be more forgettable.

The infantry gameplay includes jetpacks for flight and air combat, a super speed sprinting capability called overdrive and a vast array of futuristic weaponry and toys. Vehicles like hover bikes with rockets and machine guns, a walking assault mech that excels in melee destruction or shredding foes with lead, or a heavy tank with a massive cannon for massive damage are also accessible. Sprinkle on top the ability to place missile or mini-gun turrets, anti-aircraft, radar or resupply stations and you’ve got a complex enough environment that can get quite riotous. At first, it might seem overwhelming, but the variety of combat styles proves to make the game more enjoyable, lasting and replayable than it otherwise would without any of these elements.

Look at the cool dudes!

Perhaps the most disappointing mechanic of this game is a feature built specifically for the console gamers. Once charged, you can enable auto tracking. That is, for a short time you don’t need to aim – the game does it for you. In a world of high speed sprinting and jetpacks, it must have been hard for the average console gamer to aim well with analog control sticks. The problem is, I’m playing this game now on the PC, a place where a laughable auto-aim is more of an insult than a welcome addition. I’d predict that much like Crysis 2, the developers might opt to remove this feature. PC gamers frown upon such a handicap in a crucial skill based aspect of the game: aiming.

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Our Rating for Section 8: Prejudice [Video] Review (PC)
5.5 Replay
High replay value with multiplayer, but little to no replay value in single player with the exception of achievements.
6.0 Graphics
Game looks good and runs well enough for it to not distract from gameplay
6.0 Sound
Nothing revolutionary, simply above average.
7.0 Gameplay
A diverse array of weapons, a convincing supply of capable vehicles and gadgets; the gameplay is rewarding and fun.
7.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Combines many unoriginal elements from many popular titles but establishes a great environment for combat with drop ship spawning and dynamic combat missions.
6.5 Overall
This game suffers from a short and forgettable story, but excels with multiplayer and cooperative gameplay. It’s worth the $15 if you’re an FPS junkie with a habit to satisfy.

Rating: 1.7, votes: 3

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