Michael Jackson the Experience Review (Xbox Kinect)

Posted by Martin Šolc (MatesLbc89), Jun 03, 2011 21:27


Feel the grooveMichael Jackson the Experience

Do you like the dancing and singing of the legendary King of pop who not that long ago left the light of this world? Of course, I am not talking agout anyone other than Michael Jackson. His amazing step variations, dance creations and great singing are now possible to try in the comfort of your living rooms thanks to the game Michael Jackson the Experience that was released on 12th April by Ubisoft for the Xbox 360 Kinect.

It is one of the few dancing games that you have to play using the Kinect sensor by Microsoft. However, this game is for fans of Michael Jackson and for them only. I surely cannot recommend it to those, who don’t like his life-work.


This unique game is a big challenge for your agility and even for your sense of music and your talent. It will test your skills in dancing and performance and also in the singing part, where you have to follow lyrics that appear on the screen. This system is the same as in the well known club game Karaoke. You can prove your talent to yourself by performing twenty nine popular hits by MJ. For example the game includes songs like Billy Jean, Black or white, Beat it and Thriller.

Michael Jackson the Experience has singleplayer only and your Xbox LIVE account can be used just for downloading new tracks and DLC packages from the game marketplace. However, you can play and perform with up to three of your friends in co-op party mode if the size of your room allows you to do that.


The interface of this new dancing game could be easily called great and very easy to understand. The main menu will offer you two game modes. Solo and Cooperative party mode. The only other option is called training. After selecting this you will be able to watch a few videos of professional dancers showing you how should the dance choreography for each song realsy looks and how to do them.

michael jackson earth song

It’s not mandatory but is really useful to get training before each song. It will teach you exactly how you should move in different parts of the track. Later, when you are really performing, separated by the singing part. This system is really good, because you are able to relax your body for a while but you are not bored because you have to concentrate on singing.

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Our Rating for Michael Jackson the Experience Review (Xbox Kinect)
8.0 Replay
A fun game that will show you how to do some MJ’s movements.
8.0 Graphics
Very nice environment, cool menus and thematic design for each song.
7.0 Sound
Great hits by Michael will make your body move. However if you don’t like his music, you wont enjoy this game.
7.0 Gameplay
Slow and fast songs make you move in different way. Karaoke part tests your singing skills.
4.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
This game has no online features which is a shame. The only usage of your Xbox live account is the possibility to download DLC.
7.0 Overall
A nice piece for your Kinect games collection. You might have some days of fun with this game. Your girl will love it...

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