Dungeons and Dragons: DaggerDale [Video] Review (XBLA)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Jun 22, 2011 23:31

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Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale is an old school, one-dimensional hack-and-slash dungeon crawl that is fairly easy and predictable meaning there was little reason to push forward. Yet, I Daggerfall artmanaged to play all the way through it and even start it again, with thoughts of getting the achievement for finishing as all four characters. Yes, there are just four stereotypical options: Human Fighter, Elven Rogue (I played more like Ranger/Archer), Dwarf Cleric and Halfling Wizard (really?!).

No, you can’t change character race or class. This is an on-rails game top to bottom.

I think I played through the whole game in just four or six hours and it was literally a point-to-point, quest-to-quest, on-rails dungeon-crawl, slash-fest that required very little strategy usually and culminated in a, wait for it... a battle against a dragon. Like I said, predictable.

Even the game agrees that it is on rails

The fight with the dragon, a battle which I, as a single character in Dungeons and Dragons, should never have won, and yet, did so, fairly easily.

Yawn. Now, the game is fun and co-op is of course a bit more fun, but again, still quite easy. There was no difficulty setting and every single encounter was terribly scripted out so it felt like you were plodding from one group of enemies awaiting you to trip a trigger to begin battle to the next.

On top of that, there was this annoying need to go back and forth through the levels. Start at the beginning, get quest, go do quest, return to beginning, get reward, start new quest, go do quest, return to quest giver, get reward..blah blah blah. Granted, that happens in the real D&D as well, but it’s a bit more necessary as you need to sleep, heal, stockpile supplies etc. In Daggerdale it’s just a time consumption mechanic.

Free the dwarves, then go back and talk to the dwarves

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Our Rating for Dungeons and Dragons: DaggerDale [Video] Review (XBLA)
5.0 Replay
Even with online multiplayer it’s not worth going back to. They state there are multiple modes to unlock but I’ve completed the game with a character and see nothing that was unlocked. Deceptive advertising if you ask me.
6.0 Graphics
Even in full HD the game is blurry, bland and uninteresting. Character models are sort of blocky and while some special effects are good, they don’t make up for the rest.
5.0 Sound
Ughs, grunts and basic rudimentary vocalizations are unacceptable in the majority of games and this one has that in spades which made watching text dialogs painful.
6.0 Gameplay
While slightly interesting and entertaining, it was far too basic and without much variation making it repetitive and one-dimensional.
6.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Local or online via XBLA (4-player) have really limited options making it fairly uninteresting.
5.5 Overall
This is one of the worst D&D games I’ve seen in some time. It’s like this game design document was sitting our prior to Neverwinter Nights and Atari just dusted it off and told Bedlam to make it as is.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0

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