Proun Review (PC)

Posted by Jay Pyles (Yin Of Fire), Jul 11, 2011 16:39

At a glance, Proun looks like a simple game, without intense graphics and a bore. As you play, however, you’ll come to realize that it’s a simple game, without intense graphics, and an exciting fast-paced racing game with a unique twist. Proun takes the racing genre and slaps it with an iron fist of originality. Good-bye standard, flat tracks with winding passages, hello to circular tracks with obstacles aiming to slow you down.

Proun Gameplay screen 1

Gameplay is simple, make that very simple. Avoid obstacles on the track. That’s all there is to it. The speed, however, makes it a lot more difficult than it looks. Starting off at a pretty fast speed, a lap of the track goes by in a blur. There are 4 speeds in total, each progressively faster. At times the game can feel more like a Jedi-training program than a game. In addition to the speed of the races, the tracks are basically one long tube, making it unique in that aspect. Avoiding the obstacles requires you to spin around the tube, many times and in many different patterns.

Graphically, the game feels more like a piece of modern art, which is fitting, as it was displayed at modern art museums. Bright, vivid colors and solid whites, basic shapes and simple spheres inhabit the game’s playing field. It seems as though the creator took a bit of inspiration from “Mirror’s Edge” with the use of color.

Proun red white and blue

The music in the game gets very bland. Each track has a different song, but each song is essentially the same. Same style, same instruments, etc. I found myself turning off the music after hearing each one twice. The sound effects also didn’t thrill me too much. Not to the point of turning them off, but bland enough to be mentioned.

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Our Rating for Proun Review (PC)
7.0 Replay
It’s fun replaying tracks on insane speeds.
8.0 Graphics
For what they are, it runs great and looks great too.
6.0 Sound
A lack of varied sound effects and music earns a low score.
8.5 Gameplay
Unique racing style is the charm of this game.
3.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
A lack of online multiplayer hurts this game.
8.0 Overall
Worth spending some time to check out.

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