Wasteland Angel Preview (PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey, Jul 26, 2011 17:03

Is it wrong to be in love with an Angel and a Gypsy? If so then lock me up because Wasteland Angel is a game that has captured my heart. Wasteland Angel

In Wasteland Angel, WWIII has totally destroyed the Earth. What few people are still alive are huddled into small cities and face constant attack from Wastelanders (the game’s names for rednecks who are kidnapping people to sell into slavery). The game is more gameplay than story based, but the short story is beautifully told comic book style.

You play as Angel; a woman in search for a lost friend, driving her car named Gypsy. Gypsy Angelcomes equipped with machine guns, spike strips, napalm, landmines and more. As you pass villages on your cross country journey, you take time to rescue the civilians from the rednecks trying to enslave them. The top down gameplay is filled with beautiful physics and loads of carnage.

Twelve different types of enemies will try to capture the people. Some will simply try to damage and distract you. Another class of enemies will pull of the village walls and kidnap as many people as they can, unless you can destroy them before they get away. The wild card in the bunch though is an sneaky enemy that could try to damage you or enslave people, and you don’t know which task they are trying to accomplish until it is too late. Enemies that you destroy will leave behind power-ups that can upgrade you mounted guns, increase your armor, or give you more droppable weapons (sentry guns, land mines, nukes, etc.)

Rating: 5.0, votes: 2

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