Captain America: Super Soldier Review (Xbox 360)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Aug 16, 2011 20:46

Film-to-game adaptations have been notoriously poor with but a handful of exceptions. So what is it that makes SEGA think they can beat history and conjure up a great game based on the latest Marvel superhero film? Pride? Arrogance? Perhaps they just really believe they make awesome film-to-game adaptations for Marvel. One might point to Iron Man or Iron Man 2 for repudiation of that thought.

Don’t let these screenshots fool you, these are all concept and the game didn’t really looks this good in the end on the Xbox 360.

this is what the game should have looked like, but did not

At times, I think this game should be called, Collection America because there’s far more collection, and running around, than other things to do. Ridiculous amounts of top secret data are left just lying about for you to pick up. Not just one type, but something like a half dozen of them in fact. Not only on desks and in work areas, but next to toilets in prioner cells, lying strewn about garden labyrinths and generally, everywhere under foot. No wonder Captain America beat them, they had absolutely no sense of organization whatsoever.

In fact, it almost feels like the whole point of this game is to run around and collect things, more like a Sonic game than a superhero title. But from time to time there are numerous faceless enemies that step in the way and need to be beat down.

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Our Rating for Captain America: Super Soldier Review (Xbox 360)
4.0 Replay
Hardly wanted to even finish the story one time through I could not really see a reason to go back and play it again.
7.0 Graphics
Some areas are great, like the shield, then again, it might just be that it’s bright and shiny compared to the rest of the somewhat drab, repetitive and overused textures in the game. The faces are just freaky.
8.5 Sound
Decent tunes get run over by poor dialog and some pretty flat voice work. But this is about the best area of the game.
5.5 Gameplay
Cap is on a collecting adventure. At times I swear I was playing a hidden object game and not an action game based on an action film...because there’s a lack of action at times and a lot of collecting illogically placed top secret files.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
6.5 Overall
This is just another in a line of SEGA made superhero games that is neither a hero of the game industry nor super.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0

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