Achron Review (PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey, Aug 24, 2011 18:52

First, there was 2D. Then 3D. We even have 2.5D (3D models in a 2D world). Could it get any better? Achron thinks so, and they have added a new dimension to gaming. The 4th Dimension.... Time.Achron - Adding the fourth dimension to real-time strategies

That’s right, Achron is the first game that allows you play in the past, present, and future.... simultaneously. Self-described as a "meta-time strategy", Achron is essentially a mix of a Real Time Strategy game and a Stephen Hawking book. Now I know that sounds complicated, but surprisingly you pick up on the gameplay and strategy rather quickly.

Achron: Time Travel

Let’s be honest. Nothing I say about this game will be understood, until you first understand the time travel mechanics in the game. Like most RTS games you have the same basic controls. Unlike other RTSs, the bottom of your screen is filled with a time line and an energy meter. The time line allows you to see when a skirmish is taking place. Any changes that you make to the time line in the past require Chrono-energy. The bigger the change, the more energy required. This keeps things balanced by keeping people from exercising God-like power, and encourages good strategizing in the present.

When changes are made in the past, a time ripple will pass by and you will see the battle shift on the timeline before your eyes. But be careful that you don’t move units into an occupied location in the past. The result is what the developer calls "chronofragging", where only the strong units survive (though with substantial damage)

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Our Rating for Achron Review (PC)
9.0 Replay
This will definitely be a LAN favorite quickly
7.0 Graphics
Achron holds its own against other RTSs but the graphics don’t floor you.
7.0 Sound
A nice sound track to compliment gameplay.
10.0 Gameplay
The introduction of the 4th dimension is completely innovative. And though there is a small learning curve, most people will pick up on the added difficulty and strategy within a couple hours.
8.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Just launching MP for the first time was a little confusing, but once you get going, the hours of fun and competition will keep rolling in.
8.0 Overall
This is a must buy, if for no other reason, just to play with Achron’s ground breaking features.

Rating: 4.5, votes: 17

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