Serious Sam: Double D Review and Giveaway (Windows PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Sep 05, 2011 16:31

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Ladies and Gentlemen…It’s time to get Serious. I’m not kidding! Go buy Serious Sam Double D RIGHT NOW. But if this one line is not enough to make you bite, hopefully by the end of this review you’ll be drooling on your keyboard.Serious Sam Double D

Serious Sam DD (DD for short) is the brainchild of Mommy’s Best Games for the Serious Sam Indie Series. Devolver and Croteam, the creator of Serious Sam, started the indie series program as a way to let indie developers use the characters and concepts of Serious Sam for their own unique creations. Not only do they start out with a great back story, but it brings new twist and turns to the Serious Sam universe. And I must say that DD is a wonderful addition to the line-up.

Now most people who are fans of Half-life know that you can’t always take a 3D game and shove it into a 2D platformer and it be successful…or even fun at all. (COUGH COUGH Codename Gordon was awful COUGH COUGH). But SS:DD is an exception to that rule.

For those new to the SS series, you take the role of Sam “Serious” Stone; just an ordinary guy in a T-shirt and blue jeans who must save the world from Mental’s evil hoard. Mental, in his quest for world domination has unleashed a flurry of insane creatures on the earth. Every time that Sam gets close to stopping the villain, Mental will go to a different period in time and attack there. In the past, the series has taken us through various locations and time periods including Egypt, the Middle Ages, Rome and even Atlantis. DD carries this on with beautiful environments by adding the Jurassic Era and Pompeii in 79 AD to the list.

double d screen 1

Enemies are always over the top in both design and function. DD brings back most the fan favorites (lava monsters, giant biomecanoid chickens, kleer skeletons, and of course the headless kamikaze). They also have introduced several new characters to the mix such as the headless Femikaze (with her nice pair of Double D …uhh bombs), Chimputees (monkeys that had their arms and legs amputated and replaced with a banana cannon, battle ax, and jetpack), and some strange creature that looks like a pancake version of the flying spaghetti monster, among others.

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Our Rating for Serious Sam: Double D Review and Giveaway (Windows PC)
6.5 Replay
I have a feeling that once I beat this game 100%, that I won’t play it anymore
6.0 Graphics
While the graphics aren’t amazing or new, they are good for the genre.
6.5 Sound
They kept all the sound effects from the franchise and the music gets your blood pumping; could have got a higher score though if they had a voice actor for the characters
7.0 Gameplay
Though the game may be short, the challenges, secrets areas and fun will keep you playing until 100% completion
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Seriously missing.
7.5 Overall
While none of the above areas were strong on their own, when you put all these things together in Serious Sam Double D, they make an excellent game that everyone should play.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0

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