iOS Gaming Weekend: Dream Track Nation Review (iOS)

Posted by Amy Baldry, Sep 11, 2011 22:33

Welcome to the wacky world of Dream Track Nation, this arcade retro racer will have you getting some awesome air, performing some stomach churning stunts and give you a unique take on arcade racing like never before. Race your car through tracks based over 5 regions ranging from the moon, new York and Texas to name but a few, collect stars and boosts to unlock new levels and build up your score to compete with friends on Apple’s Game Centre.

Dream track nation screen 1

This 2-D style graphics and 70’s nostalgic colour will not disappoint you although the controls can be a bit tricky at times with a basic accelerate and reverse pedals in the bottom left and right of your screen controlling your vehicle and tilting your device to do stunts and then landing them can be a bit tricky to master at first so the less persistent of us gamers may find this a little bit tedious.

dream track nation screen 2

You also have the option to build your own tracks using the track building option within the game and the share and compete on them with friends, this option is also very time consuming but once your make it and work out the bugs it can lead to mastering the controls a lot better. You have the choice of racing against friends or looking for a random online race to test your skills against other racers from all over the world.

dream track online 3

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Our Rating for iOS Gaming Weekend: Dream Track Nation Review (iOS)
8.5 Overall
A fast paced wacky racer with plenty of tracks to keep you entertained and an in game track builder if your creative a creative creature means this game is limitless.

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