Hard Reset Review and Steam Code Giveaway (PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey, Sep 13, 2011 15:47

Everybody who is halfway intelligent knows that if the hard resetzombie apocalypse doesn’t take place, then one day in the future, the machines will take over. Hard Reset tells the story about the beginning stages of this event. This cyberpunk gem set 400 years in the future is sure to be a hit. 

Hard Reset Story

Set in the year 2436, you take for role of Major Fletcher. Machines with Artificial Intelligence have taken over. There is only one human city that remains which the machines cannot take over. Humanity still clings to hope. The people even have gone as far as to digitize and download human personalities into a database, thus making those who have died immortal in a sense. The machines realize that they have hit their evolutionary limit with Artificial Intelligence. Their only chance at global domination is to steal the digital human personalities and free themselves to continue to evolve.

Major Fletcher is part of the last human army. When trouble starts in the city, he must go and investigate. When he finds out that the machines are trying to fight their way into the database, the task of saving humanity from utter doom falls upon him.

All of this story and the details are told in a motion comic. We are starting to see more and more games that are telling their story comic book style. Now I don’t know who was the first developer to do this, but I know that Flying Wild Hog did it right. Even though you just see still images, the story jumps out of the ink and is brought to life the way that they tell it.

Hard Reset Gameplay

While most developers are pushing for a console release, Hard Reset was made exclusively for PC. While this may sadden some of my console readers, this news is a breath of fresh air for PC gamers who are tired of buggy console ports. Not only does making this game for PC stop those typical bugs from happening, but it also makes the sky the limit concerning graphics. And the developer’s game takes full advantage of it.

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Our Rating for Hard Reset Review and Steam Code Giveaway (PC)
7.5 Replay
It is a tough game to beat and once you do, you unlock a harder difficulty.
10.0 Graphics
I said it once. I’ll say it again. Best graphics from an indie developer EVER!
9.0 Sound
The music went well with the tempo of the game and the effects were flawless.
9.0 Gameplay
An absolute joy to play. Games like this will have people trading in their console so that they can get a PC.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
9.5 Overall
I can’t wait to see what the developer has up their sleeves next. Hopefully, some multiplayer.

Rating: 4.8, votes: 11

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