Wasteland Angel Review (PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Sep 14, 2011 17:27

Stop lopping off heads on Dead Island Review. Quit hacking terminals in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Don’t pass out waiting on Half Life 2 episode 3. Yes these games are amazing, but if you only play Triple A titles, then you are sure to miss out on what I am calling the most fun game that I have played this year, Wasteland Angel.Wasteland Angel - weaponized cars? Alright!

Wasteland Angel is the first release for game developer Octane Games, and what a heck of a way to come out of the gate. This game has everything that it you need to make an awesome game: guns, cars, apocalypse, huge bosses, power ups, and most importantly…..FUN.

Now some of you may remember reading the preview for this game a couple months ago. To be perfectly honest, after writing that, I stopped playing this game. The slew of big name games coming out this year grabbed my attention and I was sucked in. But upon the full release of Wasteland Angel, I went back to see what had changed. Immediately, my memory was jogged and I have been playing this game non-stop.

Wasteland Angel Story

After World War 3, the world fell into chaos. Most everyone had died in the war, but those who lived had to fight for survival. Some survivors formed gangs, some joined an evil militia, and were mutated into grotesque creatures by the excess radiation in the world. All of these people had one goal. To kidnap, kill, and steal supplies from the innocent people who huddled together in small towns and villages in the post-war wasteland.

roll out! Shoot em up!

This is where you come into play. You take the role of Angel; a butt kicking heroine who is in search of a lost friend. She is driving across the country in heavily armored and weaponized vehicle that she lovingly calls Gypsy. As she makes her way across the country and stops at these towns to search for her friend, Angel takes a moment to help the townspeople out and fight off the never ending swarm of villainous thieves that try to steal what they have both day and night.

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Our Rating for Wasteland Angel Review (PC)
6.0 Replay
It was actually more fun the 2nd time playing through, and the leaderboards will keep you fighting for the top spot for a while.
7.0 Graphics
Very clean and crisp graphics that aren’t jaw dropping, but fit the game.
7.0 Sound
The music is not only exciting, but fun.
8.0 Gameplay
This score was inadvertently left out.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Would make for a great online multiplayer experience probably.
7.0 Overall
This is an all around good game that everyone needs to add to their collection.

Rating: 4.0, votes: 1

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