Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Review Part 2: MultiPlayer (Windows PC)

Posted by Rory Klawien, Sep 28, 2011 19:44

Champions of Carnage

In part one of the review I focused on the campaign side of the game, this was in part because I love a good story, but also in part because there is plenty to talk about on the multiplayer side as well. This should be good news for most as I assume many of the 40K fans and plenty of others will continue playing the multiplayer side long after the campaign is finished.

Space Marine Multiplayer Teams

Multiplayer is only Space vs. Chaos marines. I know some will complain about this but I find that it makes sense. It would be hard to balance a Space Marine force going up against anythingRenegade guards of chaos marines other than their “corrupted” equivalents. If you know the lore of 40k then you also know that a Space Marine going one-on-one with any other typical trooper, from another 40k race is going to win. Sure you could start mixing in the super elites from the other races or figure out some way to have more players on one side or perhaps a faster respawn for the less powerful race, but balance would remain tricky at best and if not done correctly make the game unplayable.

With the plethora of customizations and combinations available, for the two armies that are included, I do not see this as limiting gameplay at all.

Space/Chaos Marine Customizations

The designers included an expansive set of customization for your Space and Chaos Marines. The three main types of Tactical, Devastator (Heavy Weapon), and Assault Marines and their Chaos equivalents are available.

space marine customizations

Each type can be customized with multiple loadouts (weapons, gear, and abilities) combinations, with available options and slots unlocking as you gain experience. In addition they included the ability to save several loadouts for each type allowing quick changes to take place during matches. Though I do wish they would have allowed you to name them as currently they are only numbered which leaves you having to remember what loadout was saved to which slot.

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Our Rating for Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Review Part 2: MultiPlayer (Windows PC)
8.5 Replay
The multiplayer side of the game offers far more in way of replay with a seemingly endless combination of weapons, gear, and abilities already included even if it involves only loyalist and traitor marines. The campaign is linear and does not offer choices that would change or create a different experience. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from and the game includes an achievement system which could increase the desire to replay it for those who love achievements.
9.0 Graphics
The look and feel of the game as well as the model designs really captures the 40k ambiance. Even for those not familiar with the look and feel of the 40k world will be hard pressed not to appreciate it. I found the animation of the characters to be wide ranging and very believable, save for the repeated executions.
8.5 Sound
The sounded did nothing but enhance the playing experience. I found both the sound effects and score to add to the game creating a rich environment all around.
8.0 Gameplay
The addition of non AI targets improves gameplay, adding another depth to how and when you can button mash and launch long chains of attacks in multiplayer. The multiplayer was more interesting overall in gameplay.
8.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
The multiplayer shows promise including seemingly endless customizations. I would have liked to see a few larger map areas and perhaps a XP based match maker, but overall it is a great experience and one that 40k fan and other players alike should find worth while.
7.5 Overall
Overall I had a lot of fun playing the campaign and will continue to play multiplayer well into the future. If you are a fan I may round up as THQ and Relic once again do an excellent job of immersing you in the world of 40k. If you are experience it for the first time this game will offer you a excellent journey with only a few flaws.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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