Orcs Must Die! Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Oct 12, 2011 15:19

For as long as Orcs have roamed Earth in the fantasy realm, they have had a blood feud with humans. No one really knows how or why this war started, but one thing is sure and the title says it all. Orcs Must Die!!!!orcs must die review

Orcs Must Die! Story

The story is simple. Throughout the world, there are Rifts (glowing blue orbs of energy) that protect the land. These Rifts are defended by a WarMage. When the elderly WarMage slips on some Orc blood and dies from brain trauma, it is up to his clumsy, unlearned apprentice to take the reins and continue to defend the rifts from the never ending hoards of Orc who are out to destroy them. In the words of the elder WarMage…… “We’re screwed!”

Orcs Must Die! Gameplay

Gameplay in Orcs Must Die! is similar to all tower defence games that have come before it. You have an enemy entrance point(s), a path (or multiple paths), and the defense point (the Rift). Unlike a lot of old tower defense games, Orcs Must Die (OMD) leaves the traditional top down view and opts for an over the shoulder Third Person view. This puts you right in the middle of all of the action. Allowing you not rely on your defenses alone, but to take up your sword, crossbow, wind belt, and more and play an active role in the defense yourself. This leaves you with 4 basic means of defense to help you guard the Rift. Traps, hired warriors, hand’s on weapons, and environmental.

Orcs must Die! gameplay 1

Traps come in many shapes, sizes, and applications in Orcs Must Die!. There is a cost for traps that prevents you from covering every inch of the level with them and forces you to place them strategically. There are floor traps that will activate as orcs walk over them. These include tar pits that will slow down the enemies, spikes that impale them, blockades, steam traps and more. Wall and ceiling traps are a little different. These traps have an area of activation that varies with each trap. This may be 4 ft for wall mounted ax blades to 12 ft for arrow launchers. Hired warriors or minions can help defend by adding their skills and weapons to the fight. These can be very powerful allies, but they are susceptible to damage and can even die if they take too much.

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Our Rating for Orcs Must Die! Review (Windows PC)
9.0 Replay
Since you unlock a trap with every level you beat, you can’t help from going back and trying again with your new toys
7.5 Graphics
A bit cartoon-like, but still beautifully crafted. And far more detailed than most Tower Defense games.
7.0 Sound
While the music and sound effects are good, the song gets a little old when you hear it over and over and over again.
10.0 Gameplay
Incredibly fun to play and easy enough that anyone can do it. Plus I love the fact that there are multiple ways to win.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
8.5 Overall
Fun, fun, fun. And well worth the $15 start up cost.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 2

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