Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Missing Link Review (PC-Steam)

Posted by Jim Cook, Oct 14, 2011 17:21

DLC Review, and a foreword regarding spoilers: This DLC package seems to run as a stand-alone game, but Steam is set to only let you purchase it if you own the original Deus Ex: Human Revolution; it should be noted the author is not certain at the time of writing how PSN or XBL purchases of this DLC will work in that regard. It does not seem that inventory found in this DLC will carry over to the main game, so the main reason to buy this would be its story and game play rather than various loot/rewards. As said story is one of DXHR’s greatest strengths, this review will try to limit spoilers to things that are either broad story tones, or are explicitly mentioned in the first hour of play. Nonetheless, some basic things will be spoiled and this is unavoidable in any meaningful review.

Adam Jensen sure gets around, and The Missing Link tries to explain a three day gap of his activities in the main story of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Anyone looking to experience the story in the proper order will want to make a save file as soon as Adam starts considering the wisdom of sticking himself in a cargo container. Once done, exit out of the main game and load The Missing Link, where you’ll find Adam forced to survive with limited resources in a very hostile area. His plan runs afoul of Belltower PMC agents, and Adam will find himself facing several challenging decisions both in terms of combat strategy and morality before he can get back on track with his main mission.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Missing LinkThe Missing Link advertises that Adam will be forced to use his most basic capabilities, and this is true. You start the adventure with no equipment at all, and only the most basic set of augmentations. You’re going to have to be very careful in sneaking around, picking out good chances to dispatch guards with close-combat takedowns and steal their weapons, and find your old gear. As The Missing Link runs as a separate game unto itself, it seems to just make a best guess at what Adam might have had at the time he lost his gear so it probably won’t be a match for your real inventory (please note this is based on a pre-release copy provided for this review, so I am unsure if this holds universally true). Even with this, you will find yourself constantly low on ammunition and recovering your augmentations at a very gradual pace so you can’t go wild in most fights.

This is probably the most enjoyable thing about the adventure, since Belltower agents tend to range from medium to high-powered threats but you’re using a start-of-game-equivalent Adam to face them. You’ll eventually have enough ammo to face them head on if you wish, but only if you’re a very good shot and make almost every bullet count. Otherwise, creative use of augmentations and terrain to find alternate routes that avoid the pack of well-armed soldiers is necessary. Even so, it’s entirely possible to kill enough enemies that certain NPCs in the area will react with disgust or fright as Jensen acquires a reputation that has them calling him ’the grim reaper himself.’ A good balance is struck between having to be careful about fighting without totally avoiding it, and this says a lot in The Missing Link’s favor.

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Our Rating for Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Missing Link Review (PC-Steam)
7.5 Overall
This is a fun extra segment to play through, with a convincing emphasis on stealth and careful planning. However, the $15 price is rather steep for a section that can probably be cleared in about five hours at most. The Missing Link is best saved for if you don’t mind spending a little extra or perhaps find it available at a discount later on. That isn’t to say such a sale will happen, but if it does then I can much more enthusiastically recommend this DLC.

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