Supreme Ruler: Cold War Single Player Review (Windows PC)

Posted by David Vizcaino, Oct 18, 2011 18:10

Paradox Interactive is very well known for their series, supreme ruler cold warsuch as Mount and Blade and Europa Universalis; but they are also know for their strategy games with steep learning curves, learning cliffs if you wish. Supreme Ruler Cold War is no exception to this. Right from the start you aren’t even given the option of taking a quick tutorial, you’re dropped into post-World War 2 USA, Russia, or whichever country (out of over 200) you wish to play as during sandbox mode.

Without a doubt, Supreme Ruler Cold War has some of the deepest gameplay in a Grand Strategy Game I’ve seen in ages. The only issue is that much was sacrificed in order to obtain this depth. It’s very easy to see this in Supreme Ruler’s graphics, which seem like they’re pulled out of the SNES era of gaming. The graphics do little in the way of hindering strategy, but they break the overall feel of the game by reminding you of other, much shinier titles, such as Total War: Shogun 2. This is disappointing because Supreme Ruler is a strategy game for the strategist.

gameplay for supreme ruler cold war

Unlike the Total War series, or even most strategy games, Supreme Ruler isn’t focused on the combat aspect of strategy while maintaining a bare bones economical and diplomatic simulation; with Supreme Ruler, the situation is reversed. You can pretty much say that Supreme Ruler’s combat is somewhat basic, while it’s economical and diplomatic aspects are very in depth. For example, when dealing with your country’s economic status, you have to be aware of how much of a resource is being produced, how much is being spent, and what you’re doing with the excess; how much of it is selling, what’s the demand for it, what’s the price for it, etc. Now, keep in mind that you have to do this for every resource in general, whether it be agriculture, electricity, weapons, whatever! Each resource is maintained independently.

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Our Rating for Supreme Ruler: Cold War Single Player Review (Windows PC)
5.0 Replay
If you can get past the awful user-interface, Supreme Ruler is fun, but better strategy titles out there (and friendlier ones) will pull you away.
2.0 Graphics
Completely atrocious, looks almost like an SNES game to put it bluntly.
3.0 Sound
The music and overall sound of the game feels generic, youll most likely play with the volume muted
9.0 Gameplay
Some of the best strategical gameplay, with a great amount of depth; not newbie friendly, but can be very satisfying.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
This is the single player review
5.0 Overall
Supreme Ruler has much potential, but it is marred by a set of issues that might well keep this from ever becoming the popular series it may just deserve to be. While gameplay is great, everything else lacks serious standards and again, no tutorial!

Rating: 4.5, votes: 2

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