Burnout Crash Review (Playstation 3 Network Download)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Oct 25, 2011 16:44

Burnout Crash is focused like a laser beam on wreaking mayhem and havoc across a half dozen areas with 18 different intersections in three game modes. It’s fun and frustrating at the same time because no one really wants to be in a car wreck so sometimes you have to trick and coerce them into it.

burnout crash gameplay1

Burnout CRASH packs hours of reckless chaos into an easy to pick up, but difficult to master gameplay experience. Each intersection requires different skills and strategies to maximize damage and debris. Also, a ton of patience for restarts and runs aimed at picking up a specific goal.

The game was developed by Criterion games and feels almost like Burnout Light, as if they wanted to focus on crashing but didn’t want to go into a full on 3D game mode so they have a 2.5D top down mode that reminds me a couple other games in some respects. With this perspective on the action it means that they had to really focus the gameplay to match the style and in that they did a good job.

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However, what they didn’t really seem to focus on was diversity of gameplay as all three modes that are available seem almost the same. That’s because they are basically the same thing, drive your car into an intersection, crash into a car and then continue to grow the crash to score points. Sure, there are facets of each that make them slightly different, but they are so similar I sometimes forgot which mode I was playing.

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Our Rating for Burnout Crash Review (Playstation 3 Network Download)
6.5 Replay
Very limited replay except to beat high scores and collect all the stars.
8.0 Graphics
Top down gameplay in a 2.5D makes for a good way to play the game and the graphics are fairly decent overall with a cohesive feeling through the menus, etc.
7.5 Sound
The announcer is annoying and cannot really be turned off. The explosions and other sounds are good and there are a couple good songs in the soundtrack.
7.0 Gameplay
All three game modes are mostly the same aside from some nuances. It means the game gets repetitive and is easy to lose interest in rather quickly. I did play all the way through the levels and that took a fair amount of time.
3.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
You can challenge your friends, if you have any that are playing. There are no overall leaderboards and the gameplay is turn-based in that you try to set a high score your friend tries to beat it, etc. For all the Autolog hype, it’s lacking.
6.5 Overall
The gameplay between modes is not all that much different, only in the structure of the rules. That makes for a quick onset of boredom from repetitious gameplay. It has some merits and can be fun at times but often I was just disgusted or frustrated with how the game sets you up for failure, like alternate paths into the intersection, that will generally be detrimental to your score.

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