Dungeon Defenders Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Oct 26, 2011 14:48

The Tower Defense genre has been evolving, and is no longer the top down pixilated games that you used to play; the ones where you set up your defenses and let come what may. Just Dungeon Defendersthis year we have defended the moneyball from robots on Monday Night Combat, been put in the first person perspective with Sanctum, and had the revelation that Orcs MUST Die. Becoming an active part in defending your towers has been an invigorating change to the genre and has been improved upon with each new release. And this pattern of continual improvement has been kept by the recently released Dungeon Defenders by Trendy Entertainment.

Dungeon Defenders is a pure delight to play and really steps up and shows the gaming world what indie developers are capable of. With traps, weapons, mythical pets, and persistent stats and upgrades, Dungeon Defenders is the must have Tower Defense game this year.

Dungeon Defenders Gameplay

There is never much of a story with TD games. Typically they tell you just enough so that you know who it attacking you and why, but that is about it. Dungeon Defenders isn’t any different in that aspect. After the Heroes of Eternia, lock the Old Ones (an ancient evil) inside of crystals, they set out on a crusade. As enemies march on the castle to release the Old Ones, the only people who can stand in their way and save Eternia are the Heroes children.

These children make up the four basic character classes in the game (though more are unlockable later on). They include a wizard, knight, rouge, and a monk. Each has their own particular weapons, traps and tactics that they will use to claim victory over the ever pressing evil.

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Our Rating for Dungeon Defenders Review (Windows PC)
9.5 Replay
With the diverse methods of gameplay and modability, this game can be played over and over again.
6.5 Graphics
Nothing jaw dropping. The cell shading is done well, but there are a lot of hard lines and rough edges
7.0 Sound
The music really sets the tone and the effects are spot on.
10.0 Gameplay
The only reason I stopped playing was because of sleep deprivation. Addicting gameplay that is hard to put down.
8.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Other than the issue with the ranked servers, Dungeon Defenders is loads of fun to play with friends. Get a 4 pack and share it with your friends.
9.0 Overall
Other games may have better graphics, but the multiplayer co-op more than makes up for that, and makes Dungeon Defenders surpass them.

Rating: 4.0, votes: 1

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