Payday: The Heist Review (Playstation Network)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Nov 11, 2011 21:17

Payday: The Heist made my top three list from E3 this year so I was eager to get my hands on the final product. When the game was released a lot of people were put off by there being just six missions. Each of the missions is different and they’re all fairly lengthy. If you were to buy a $60 first-person shooter these days, the amount of time you would get from the single player gameplay would be comparable to what you would get here in single player. But this is mainly a multiplayer game (though you can play with AI in single player). So grab three friends and let’s get to scoping out the joint.

Payday: The Heist gives you a first-person perspective into the criminal dealings of kidnappers, bank robbers and their ilk. It does so in a four-person squad-based way. Online, obviously, each team member is a player, in single player mode, which you can use to get accustomed to the game and familiar with the levels, the team is handled by AI, which is actually fairly good in most regards.

decent, but gets old fast payday the heist

The six levels can be played in four difficulty levels; easy, normal hard and Overkill (named after the developer). Some levels are limited to higher difficulties and will require more skill. Slaughterhouse and Diamond Heist are only available on hard or Overkill difficulties.

The game also features an automated level progression system. As you level up in reputation you unlock particular weapons and bonuses like Thick Skin which increases your health, or rather, the amount of damage you can take before you fall. It’s not really an RPG factor, more like some other online FPS games have where you get better gear and stats as you gain levels from playing. On top of that there are challenges that you can complete while playing. These offer cash rewards which work toward your stats.

The gameplay is fairly standard first-person shooter with some minor alterations to the formula. For example, players can drop ammo bags to keep everyone full up on bullets. Hostages can be bound and then, if necessary, traded for one of your partners if they happen to get cuffed and taken into custody.

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Our Rating for Payday: The Heist Review (Playstation Network)
7.5 Replay
It was fun to play each level on varying degrees of difficulty in single player and online, but it got repetitive and tired fairly quickly. Only 6 levels limits game replay.
8.0 Graphics
They’re not mind blowing but the environments are detailed and the character models are decent for a $20 game.
7.0 Sound
Some really shoddy voices sound like the devs did them all on their own at times while others might have been done with actual voice actors.
7.5 Gameplay
It’s fun, for the first 10-15 times through each level. Then it feeels old and repetitive. I had to turn down my look speed to 30% because it was too difficult to control with the stick on the Dualshock 3.
6.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
It’s pretty much the same gameplay as the single player except that you, often, have more intelligent teammates.
7.0 Overall
Not a bad showing, but without some free DLC or some low cost DLC I think the lifecycle of this game is fairly limited. They say ’endless replayability’ but I only see that as valid if say, you never tire of repetition, or only play it once a month.

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