Jurassic Park: the Game Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Nov 30, 2011 18:57

If ever there was a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, it was me. I was 7 years old when the first Jurassic Park film came out and immediately I was hooked. I owned every toy that was jurassic park, more movie than game but still interactivemade (NOT an exaggeration) and took care of them; I would never lose the hunk of skin that would pop out of the dinosaurs’ side as battle damage. I played and beat every video game on every system. I read all of the books multiple times. I learned everything possible about Steven Spielberg.

So when I found out that a new Jurassic Park game was coming out, I was overjoyed. And when I found out that it was going to be made by Telltale I wept openly, fearing that they would obliterate a much loved staple of my childhood.

I have not made my longstanding dislike for all things Telltale a secret, but this year has slowly been changing that opinion. Hector: Badge of Carnage force me to let go of my hate of Telltale and now Jurassic Park has me loving them.

Dino fight!

Jurassic Park the Game: Story

The story coincides with the first film and centers around that lost can of Barbasol that had the dinosaur embryos in it. When Dennis Nedry (you probably remember his as Newman from Seinfeld) fails to return with the embryos during the Island evacuation, plan B is set into motion. You start out as a female mercenary in search of the embryos but with no clue what you are trying to get nor what hidden dangers lurk on the island. After she is bitten by an unknown creature and is chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, she is met by to other characters.

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Our Rating for Jurassic Park: the Game Review (Windows PC)
6.0 Replay
At least 2 play throughs; One finding all the ways to die, and the other going for perfection.
6.0 Graphics
A lot better than what we are used to seeing from Telltale, but still a lot of unforgivable glitches.
9.0 Sound
Of course it is great. They got to reused the original soundtrack by John Frickin’ Williams!!!
7.0 Gameplay
Jurassic Park was my first interactive movie experience and I hope it is not my last.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
7.0 Overall
Best Telltale game to date. Let’s just hope they keep it up.

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