To the Moon Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Patrick Gibbons, Dec 01, 2011 21:46

In my life I have played plenty of good games. However, it is quite a rare experience for me to find a game this memorable. It’s the kind of game that you intend to try for a little while, but end up playing it straight through to the end in one sitting. It makes you want to both laugh and cry,To the moon and when it’s over all you can say is, “That was freaking awesome!” When Skyrim came out, I didn’t want to play anything else. Somehow, I forgot all about it when I embarked on the journey “To the Moon”.

To the Moon Gameplay

In To the Moon, the player takes control of Doctors Neil Watts and Eva Rosalene, as they attempt to fulfill a dying man’s last wish. To accomplish this, they must map out and adjust key memories in their client’s mind. The player must explore each memory to uncover various ‘links’. Once enough links are found, the player can access a ‘memento’ that will allow the characters to leap further into the past. Before a leap can occur, the memento must be properly prepared so that the computer can analyze it. This is accomplished by solving a kind of puzzle. The player must reconstruct a picture of the memento by flipping small segments of it. However, the player can’t flip the segments individually. Instead, he or she must select an entire row to be flipped at once. This adds a level of difficulty to the puzzles. I had a lot of fun trying to solve them within the displayed minimum number of moves. The developers should have included a function that allows you to reset the puzzle, as mistakes are very hard to correct. I hope all of that sounds enjoyable, because it is pretty much all that you do in this game. In fact, if you made a game just with the interactive bits in this one, then it would be short and incredibly boring.

The Platypus

“The Platypus – Proof Positive that God has a sense of humor.”

To the Moon Story

Even while I am writing this review, I can see the look on your face right now. I assure you, I’m not crazy. This game is great, and it’s all because of its story. The narrative in To the Moon is incredibly in-depth. In fact, it’s enough for me to classify the game as a living novel more than anything. As I mentioned before, the game revolves around a pair of scientists who are trying to alter the memories of an old man who is close to death.

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Our Rating for To the Moon Review (Windows PC)
5.5 Replay
There is nothing in this game that truly warrants a second play through other than its story. There are no secrets or achievements to speak of, and any decisions that the player makes have virtually no affect on how the game plays out.
8.0 Graphics
The visuals are like a call back to classic RPGs with a twist. The animations are incredible and really add life to the characters.
9.0 Sound
One of the best soundtracks that I have ever heard. The music and sound effects are well edited and add depth to the experience.
9.0 Gameplay
This has one of the most involving stories that I have ever seen in a game, let alone an indie title. You’ll be guessing right up until the end. The puzzles could use some refinement, and the whole game seems to lack interactivity. It’s best to think of it as a living novel more than anything else.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
8.0 Overall
It takes one hell of a game to take my mind off of Skyrim so effectively. The story of To the Moon will ensure it a place among my all time favorites for years to come. I am defiantly looking forward to the sequel.

Rating: 4.8, votes: 5

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