Gunslingers Review (Nintendo Wii)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Dec 26, 2011 18:24

Gunslingers is a Nintendo Wee game that feels like it’s made mostly to sell the two Wild West style revolvers that hold your Wiimote. In fact, the two revolvers that come with the game are Gunslingers with cool Hyperkin revolversactually a better reason to get this pack than the game itself.

Each of the revolvers will hold a single Wii remote and are motion plus compatible. You slide the wiimote into position and secure it with a cross piece. In the back there’s a small compartment to put the wrist strap in so it’s not hanging about getting in the way.

The revolvers have two triggers, a main trigger for the B button and a second trigger that activates the top slide which activates the A button, in the game that’s for reloading. The revolvers don’t block access to any of the buttons so you can use them for any shooting game and you don’t even need to pull that second trigger if you don’t like it, you can simply press the A button or slide it by hand.

Gunslingers itself is a fairly simple light gun-like game. It’s a fully on rails shooter (a la House of the Dead, Time Crisis, etc). Each of the game’s levels sees you simply moving from position to position involuntarily and shooting whatever enemies or targets happen to be in the way. Don’t shoot the civilians or you’ll lose big points. Headshots count for extra points as do streaks give you a score multiplier. But the headshot registering is sketchy at best. I got a gut in the throat and it counted and I swear one in the shoulder did as well.

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Our Rating for Gunslingers Review (Nintendo Wii)
6.0 Replay
Some party game action gives Gungslingers a small bit of replayability but really it doesn’t last long.
6.0 Graphics
Standard Wii graphics are still sub-par based on most measures and these certainly don’t stress the system in any way.
8.0 Sound
Some decent western themed sounds give the game a more authentic feel.
6.5 Gameplay
A completely on-rails light gun shooter that has poor hit registration from what we could see. That’s not to say it’s a terrible game, it’s just not all the compelling.
6.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
A couple multiplayer modes and co-op action that certainly didn’t tax the development team’s capacity to think outside the box in any way.
6.5 Overall
A mid-range game with some good peripherals that can be used for a variety of other light gun or shooting games on the Wii. The game might be fun for kids, adults will tire of it fairly quickly I think. For $35, the Hyperkin bundle of revolvers makes the package worth the price.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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