Joe Danger Special Edition Review (XBLA)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Jan 04, 2012 23:58

Joe Danger is washed up, or rather, retired, but the need for speed is high in the thrill junkie Joe Danger SPecial Editionlife and Joe wants to reclaim his heyday as a daredevil stunt bike driver. In the Career mode you’ve got a good amount of levels to go through and all have some sort of goal. The races obviously you need to win, many of them are collection goals that require you to get all of the stars or find the hidden items. Some of them are time-based goals and some are points based.

Regardless of which type of goal you’re going after, the gameplay is pretty much the same. Start at point A and navigate the insane stunt courses to get to point B, the finish line. Along the way you will gain boost for tricks which will help you meet those high-flying and time-based goals.

Tricks also get you points and stringing together trick combos will get you mega-points. Some of the goals are even to 100% combo the level which means, beginning to finish, hold a single trick combo. Yes, they are as tough as they sound because some of the levels are major pains in the backside. Even the game’s credits are actually a challenging stunt level with some wicked placements.

High flying action

The game’s controls use just about the whole controllers but are quite intuitive, right trigger forward, left trigger reverse, buttons to crouch and bunny hop and turbo boost. All of that adds up to some pretty cool tricks. But the tricks are somewhat limited in scope. You can do front and back flips sure. You can also do some others like superman, no hands, wheelies, endos and such. Stringing them together gets you big points and big boosts and allows you to go further faster.

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Our Rating for Joe Danger Special Edition Review (XBLA)
9.0 Replay
Lots of reasons to come back including loads of levels to play and local split screen two-player racing action.
7.0 Graphics
The graphics are decent for an XBLA title but they could always be better.
7.5 Sound
I got tired of some of the sounds and eventually just started blocking it out unconsciously.
8.5 Gameplay
Some frustration but far less than expected which is probably due to the good control scheme which does not get in the way and the amount of things to accomplish in the game.
5.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
Local split screen and that’s all. Not terrible but far less than what could probably be accomplished.
7.5 Overall
Joe Danger Special Edition has a lot of gameplay on offer but doesn’t quite become the super thrill ride that it hopes to be. Still, it’s quite a good game for the price and it certainly did not feel like the price was too high for the product.

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