Mionix Naos 5000 Review (Hardware)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Jan 11, 2012 13:27

One thing is certain across the board for all gamers when choosing peripherals; the importance of the comfort factor.  If a device is not comfortable, then it will not last.  Remember the placement of the black and white buttons on the original Xbox controller?  I do.  And I remember how hard it was to push those buttons.  It wasn’t long before 3rd party manufacturers started putting those buttons above the triggers.  Then when the 360 came out, the black and white buttons were removed and replaced with bumpers just above the triggers.  So you can see that when something is uncomfortable, the manufacturers engineer a change.

But what about an instance where you don’t realize that you are uncomfortable?  What about the times when you have become so accustomed to the “norm”  that you don’t realize that there is a problem.  This is what I encountered when the Mionix Naos 5000 showed up on my doorstep.  Somehow this seemingly newer company has raised the bar for ergonomic design.  

video game mionix naos 5000


The Naos 5000 take a momentous leap forward in ergonomics.  When you first open the box, you might be surprised by the size of it because it looks considerably wider than most other mice.  The wide design serves a purpose though.  The reason that the Naos 5000 is wider is because it is extended to offer full support of both your ring finger and your pinkie.  When I first grasped the mouse in hand, I was overwhelmed by comfort.  It is as if Mionix made the mold for it by pouring plastic directly into a relaxed hand position. 

video game mionix naos 5000

This caused me to have the sad realization that almost all

mice have neglected our last two fingers.  I never realized that this was a problem because mice have had the same basic design for years.  But going from

the Naos 5000 to any other mouse, I could tell that my ring finger and pinkie were dragging on the mouse pad and creating resistance.  By extending the mouse to offer support for your entire hand, Mionix has not only created extreme comfort for the user, but also removed the friction/drag that your fingers cause.  

Couple the reduced friction with the four Teflon feet and you have a glide that is unsurpassed in the industry.  The mouse feels like a hover craft as you move it across the pad.  The only way I could see the glide getting any better would be to use Mouse Glidez (an even higher grade Teflon available from Mionix). 

video game mionix naos 5000

In between the feet on the bottom of the mouse is a high grade laser sensor and two weight trays.  This gaming grade sensor can register up to 5040 DPI.  Since there are two weight trays, you can make the Naos 5000 the perfect weight and balance. 


From the top you can see that the mouse is completely coated in a rubber like substance for added grip.  The mouse also has two DPI adjustment buttons behind the scroll wheel and two thumb buttons.  All of these additional buttons have a smooth click to them and are easy to reach.



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Our Rating for Mionix Naos 5000 Review (Hardware)
8.5 Design
This mouse looks great from top to bottom.
7.0 Functionality
As long as you don’t pick up the mouse, it works perfectly, but I got to take a couple points off for the FPS gamers who will have issues when lifting the mouse.
5.0 Value
At $90 you may end up feeling cheated if you ever have issues and have to contact their customer support. (according to what I read online, I am not the only one) A gamer should expect more for the price.
9.0 Usability
This mouse is the definition of comfort and is easy to configure and use.
0.0 Customer Service
The zero score is not a typo. Completely abysmal. I can’t even give them 1 point because none of the 7 attempts over 2 months to contact them were even acknowledged including the emails that said “I need an answer. Your review depends upon it.”
6.5 Overall
Customer Support and lift distance are the two big things that lowered this score. If you don’t lift the mouse, and don’t care about customer support, then this mouse is worth buying, otherwise you can find cheaper options.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0

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