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Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Jan 11, 2012 13:44

Mason "Neighbor" Cobb is a one of the best in his field.  He dominates his opponents in Halo.  His group, the Gamma Gamers, are a tough team to beat and their tournaments have millions logging online to watch through streaming video.  Gamers Daily News had a chance to ask Neighbor a few questions and we want to share this interview with our readers.

Gamma gamers pro gamers

Gamma PTF Gamers Brand Ambassadors take on a new gaming challenge! (from l to right): Major League Gamer, Jordan "Proofy" Cannon, UFC Ring-Card girl Brittney Palmer, and Major League Gamer, Mason Cobb (Halo)


1) We all know that you guys are the best at what you do.  But was it always that way?  Do you have any specific memories of getting pwn’ed?

When I first entered the Competitive gaming scene at 15 I was decent but no where near the best. I would be able to beat my local high school friends but when it came time to play against the top teams and players in the world I would choke. I remember at my first MLG tournament in Seattle I played against the number one team, which was IGS at the time. We beat them the first game in the warm-ups and my mind was  blown.  The next three games they absolutely dominated us... we were no match for them.

2) How many hours do you invest in a game before you feel like you’ve “mastered” it?

I think there is no amount of hours you can invest into a competitive game to master it. I am always competiting against new and creative players with evolving game play, which for me to keep up with them, I still have to invest my practice hours.

3) Most of us will never reach the Pro level.  Do you have any tips/suggestions for someone who might be aspiring towards it?

To reach the pro level, you have to believe in yourself and love what you are doing. So many times while I was growing up I was told from friends and various people that I couldn’t be a pro gamer or that it wouldn’t lead me to anything. I used that as motivation to become the best. When I was 15 I looked at it like this. If I became a professional gamer, I would then be able to fly around the country, make money, have sponsors and meet new interesting people, what kid wouldn’t love to have that job.

4) There is some stiff completion among MLG players.  Who gives you the most challenge and why are they different from the others?

The players that give me the most challenge would be Team Instinct. All four of those guys are incredible naturally gifted gamers that have taken Halo to another level of play. I am excited to take them down next year!



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