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Posted by Chad Borjessan (WazzuHelix), Jan 19, 2012 13:13

Futuremark Corporation is a company known for their benchmarking programs but not so much their games.  Their first game, “Shattered Horizon”, was a zero-gravity FPS that was greeted with decent reviews but never really took off in popularity.  Unstoppable Gorg is their second go-around with a PC game and I believe they have truly hit the nail on the head.  Tapping into the popular and growing tower defense sub-genre of role-playing games, Unstoppable Gorg switches up the tried and true “grid” formula and replaces it with a unique orbit system with the ability to move your units even after you have placed them.  Mix that with a entertaining storyline based on movies from the 1950’s, achievements, online leaderboards, and simple to understand gameplay, you have the complete recipe for a successful return mission to PC game developing.


People seem to love tower defense games because they are so straight forward.  These games require just enough brain power to keep you challenged but doesn’t muddle the difficulty with complex controls or ideas.  Simply put, you must stop the invading force from reaching your base and you win the game.  Unstoppable Gorg takes this same idea and throws it into “orbit” with killer aliens trying to exterminate life on Earth.  The player must use an array of satellites to defend everything from space stations to Earth itself. 

The great part about where you place these satellites is the ability to move them within their own orbit after they have been placed in a slot.  Enemies coming from the south?  Rotate the satellites to take care of them!  Another group coming from the east?  Quickly rotate again to dispose of the threat!  This placement style makes Unstoppable Gorg a fun and original way to play tower defense games.  Keeping the orbiting placement areas in mind, you have an arsenal of satellites at your fingertips.  Some attack, some make money, some support other satellites, and you have a research satellite which help upgrade your gear.  Upgrading certain pieces is an essential part of success in this game.  Rather than place several of a certain attack piece, you can set one, upgrade it, and move on to something else. 

video game Unstoppable Gorg

You have to watch where you place each piece however because the enemy ships attack when in range.  Some have long range attack ability, some are quick with a weak attack, and bigger ships can even disable your satellites.  This along with the occasional deadly gas clouds and/or rogue asteroid gives a sense of danger to the game.

Don’t let the description intimidate you by any means!  Futuremark did a great job with the layout of your satellite choices and the overall controls of the game.  It is easy to grasp and very easy to get addicted once you get the hang of the game in the first couple of levels.  The learning curve is small which leaves fun to be had for all ages and skill levels.

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Our Rating for Unstoppable Gorg Review
9.5 Replay
With four difficulty levels, twelve achievements, and online leaderboards, there should be no problem keeping your scores climbing.
8.0 Graphics
Great to look at, vivid colors, fun animations but it is almost expected out of a company like Futuremark.
8.5 Sound
Sound effects, voice acting, and background music help keep the gamer interested and entertained.
9.0 Gameplay
Wonderful tower defense gameplay with unique "orbit" concept and upgradable satellites.
8.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
With the online leaderboards and achievements, gamers should have a good time trying to be the best of the best.
9.0 Overall
Great game with a ton of features, unique gameplay, and an original idea of a story. Unstoppable Gorg is a superb game that is well worth the $9.99 price tag!

Rating: 5.0, votes: 5

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