PDXCON Report: War of the Roses (Updated)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Jan 23, 2012 19:13

Paradox had a dream about a game, and Fat Shark is now sharing that dream with them as they develop War of the Roses. This game is all about the multiplayer experience and, staying true to that, they will have dedicated servers as well as a long-term plan for DLC to keep the

War of the Roses

game alive and full of players. Internal tests have showed that they are already able to support 32-player games but they’re still shooting for much higher.

 In War of the Roses players take on the role of a supporter of the Plantagenets from either the house of Lancaster or York to take control of the throne of England. Since there are so few games set in this time period it promises not to be just another rehash of World War II or Vietnam and that in and of itself sets the game far apart from most other combat-based multiplayer games.

Storm the castle!

War of the Roses will run on the Bitsquid engine and offers some pretty impressive visuals already with highly detailed environments and equipment models. Take all of that and put it into the award-winning gameplay that Fat Shark is capable of creating and I think that no matter which side you take in the war, you’ll be a winner.

But that’s not all, they’re also rounding out the game with a story-driven single player campaign that is not only aimed at entertaining but also getting the player ready for the full-on multiplayer experience by getting them familiar with the interface and gameplay.

Rating: 3.8, votes: 5

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