Quarrel Review (Xbox LIVE Arcade)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Feb 07, 2012 17:52

Quarrel is slightly different from your standard word-making games. First off, both players use the same eight letters to make their word when they go head-to-head. Second, if there are quarrel is all about fighting wordsmore than two players, others can also gain points by making a word from the letters when not involved in head-to-head combat. Finally, every eight letter combination is an anagram for a single eight-letter word. So, if you’ve got an enormous vocabulary you can inspire awe in your opponent. In honor of Quarrel’s unique approach to word games, I will attempt to use an adequate quantity of octonary words as possible.

Quarrel features a boatload of pathways to play. There are actually eight ways to play, although, one of those ways is the tutorial. The other seven possible contests include a sampling of single player modes like quick match, tutorial, domination, showdown, challenges and tailored matches (make your own rules). In the multiplayer listings there are standard ranked matches, player matches and Xbox LIVE party matches all self-explanatory there.

quarrel fighting words

Quarrel Single Player Game Modes:

Quick Match - A match is randomly created with random levels and opponent or opponents.
Domination - Defeat all other players to lay claim to all of the tiles on the level.
Showdown - The AI are rated 1-10 and you have to work your way up from the bottom to the top.
Challenges - Specific tasks need to be achieved in order to pass the challenge, like win six battles in a row.
Make a Match - Set up your own game from a small list of options. The two main types are casual and clocked. Casual has no timer, clocked does. Two to four players. You can play against specific AI or randomly chosen.

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Our Rating for Quarrel Review (Xbox LIVE Arcade)
8.5 Replay
There is plenty of game here and with multiplayer there’s a good amount of replay even though all the modes play exactly the same.
7.0 Graphics
They are somewhat cartoon-like in that XBLA way which is fine and they don’t really detract from the gameplay.
5.0 Sound
Why must you make your game so bloody annoying to listen to? Did you not play it for hours on end and realize that the sound was annoying? Obviously not because then you make it whistle to get players’ attention. BOO!
7.5 Gameplay
They could have really done some spectacular things with some rules variations and some interesting game modes. Instead, all the game modes play the same with just a different goal really. That means the gameplay is limited from what it could have been.
7.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
Both local and online play, ranked and standard matches online. However, there are really limited options in the online playing but it’s all just fluff for the word battling anyway.
7.5 Overall
Aside from the annoying sounds in the game and the lack of diverse gameplay, the game is fun and a good entry into the word-creation game genre. While I feel it could have been far more interesting and varied gameplay, it does what it does well enough.

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