Crusader Kings 2 Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Jeff Kaiser (Dgephri), Feb 17, 2012 12:25

Paradox Interactive has amassed an impressive portfolio of games such as Magicka, King Arthur, and Cities in Motion.  Fans of these titles will surely twitch in glee at the thought of controlling nearly any fiefdom from Scotland, England and Portugal in the West to Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan in the East.

Each game is started by selecting which territory to start as King.  Points are awarded for expanding your territory, amassing wealth, usurping Titles, and continuing your lineage.

video game crusader kings 2

This may well be the most complicated game I have experienced.  Players must amass funds to wage wars, arrange betrothals, certify marriages, plot assassinations, ursurp titles, and convert territories to your Religion.  Hold on, only 400 years to go!  Plague, war, intrigue, death, children, vassals, courtiers and more all play a part in making your reign easy or hard.  The level of micro-managing possible is not only stunning, but boggling.

The tutorial alone has 9 sections from Economics, Intrigue, and War along with 3 levels for each (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced).  That’s 27 tutorials!  Nearly any discussion of a single aspect would not only take up the rest of the Review, but leave all the other aspects to fill their own Reviews.

video game crusader kings 2

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Our Rating for Crusader Kings 2 Review (Windows PC)
9.5 Replay
For those interested in the game style, this borders on nearly infinite replay: Pick one fiefdom, play 400 years, pick a different fiefdom, repeat.
9.0 Graphics
The first things to draw my attention were the map content, the border clarity, and the choices to view your territory: by finding a way to make map-based strategy visually engaging Paradox WINS.
7.5 Sound
Period appropriate music, sweeping symphonic tunes, and dramatic scores while scheming revenge on your Nephew for killing your Marshall.
9.0 Gameplay
The messages from your Vassals are entertaining, the variation in the outcomes is engaging, and the array of choices means picking the same thing twice is almost out of the question.
8.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
This supports up to 32 players!!! 32 player strategy game = brain ’sploded!
9.0 Overall
This game is fantastic. I typically don’t go for this style of game, but Paradox has made me a believer. With so much depth to the content, I’m still learning new things daily with this game that make me appreciate it more.

Rating: 4.7, votes: 8

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