Roccat Isku Review (Hardware)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Mar 01, 2012 23:49

At Gamers Daily News, we have been impressed beyond description by the German based company Roccat. When we reviewed the Kone+ mouse, we not only found a fabulously ergonomic mouse with fantastic software, but also discovered a company with customer service that rivals that of Logitech (one of the best in the business). Making their debut in America this year, Roccat was kind enough to send Gamers Daily News their Isku keyboard for review.

The Design of the Roccat Isku

First things first, this keyboard is huge! With an integrated wrist rest and large multimedia section at the top, the Isku is a steaming volcano of power that demands a sacrifice of desktop space. Though the keyboard measures at 20” by 10” (200 square inches), you get a lot of extra features with that added space.  Across the top, you have 8 multimedia buttons that control volume functions, basic media player functions, and shortcuts to my computer and the internet. In my testing, most of these worked with the plug and play drivers, and are fully programmable to alternate functions with the drivers. To the left, you have 5 macro keys, and in the wrist rest, there are 3 macro buttons below the spacebar.  The 3 thumb macro buttons are incredibly convenient since you can push them without moving your hand away from the home keys.  There are 2 more additional buttons at the top which control keyboard illumination and quick macro recording, as well as indicator lights for the 5 different profiles.

roccat isku

The Isku has some phenomenal features on both the top and bottom of the keyboard. Though the keys do not have mechanical key switches, they still have a good weight  and feel to them.  Each key is individually illuminated by a vibrant blue LED. Below the key set, the Roccat logo and name stand out against the matte black wrist rest. On the bottom of the keyboard, you will find several deep channels to route the cable through. There is also several large rubber feet that will prevent the Isku from sliding on any surface. This includes a rubber coating on the flip-down feet that give the board added height.

roccat isku

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Our Rating for Roccat Isku Review (Hardware)
10.0 Design
The brilliantly vibrant blue back lighting is, simply put, breathtaking to behold in the dark and a sexy beast in the light.
10.0 Functionality
Who needs 20 awkwardly placed macro keys? With the Isku you get solid performance and EasyShift+ technology to utilize the keys you already have by giving them secondary functions.
10.0 Value
At $89.99 MSRP, you get a fantastic keyboard, backed by great company, at a price that seems too low for what you getting in return.
8.5 Usability
So easy to use, it is ridiculous. Though I did have to mark off points for the backlighting issue, I am sure that it will only be an issue for a few gamers.
10.0 Customer Service
Because I previously dealt with Roccat’s customer service and wanted to be sure that my experience wasn’t a fluke, I contacted them with a simple question just too see how they responded. Minutes later I had my answer.
9.5 Overall
The Isku keyboard is almost perfect. Had it not been for the backlight issue (the only negative thing I could find), this keyboard would have walked away with a flawless victory

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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