DeathTaker Gaming Mouse Review (Hardware)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Mar 03, 2012 02:29

Genius is no new comer to the PC peripheral market. Their extensive catalogue covers everything from webcams to headsets, mice to keyboards, and more. For the most part, Genius has targeted the market of the everyday PC user, but recently they have been making strides on the gaming side of the fence. The release of their new MMO/RTS gaming mouse called the DeathTaker has been turning heads and getting some attention. Genius was kind enough to send a sample to Gamers Daily News for review and after hours of testing and tweaking, the DeathTaker gets the green light from us. 

DeathTaker Design 


Inside the box, you will find a quick start guide, mini-product catalogue, driver CD, weights, and of course, the DeathTaker itself. The DeathTaker is a mid-sized gaming mouse that not only packs a lot of punch, but also has a unique design. The body mixes matte black, silver, high-gloss black, and grey into its design. A deep thumb groove allows you maintain a firm grip. Towards the right side on the palm grip, you will find the scorpion logo that is found on all of Genius’ GX line of gaming gear. There is more to this scorpion than meets the eye, but we’ll address that later. 


In addition to the standard 2 buttons and scroll wheel that you see on every mouse, the Deathtaker sports an additional 6 buttons. This includes 2 thumb buttons, 2 index finger buttons marked X and Y, a DPI selector behind the scroll wheel, and a macro button on the right hand side, designated as “M”. The bottom of the mouse only has 2 feet; two freakishly large feet that almost cover the entire perimeter of the mouse. You will also notice here the off-centered laser sensor that rest closer to your thumb than most. This laser will detect up to an astounding 5700 DPI, and is programmable to have different X and Y axis sensitivity. 

Let me direct you back to the scorpion logo that you have been so eagerly wanting to read about. This logo is actually a magnetic cover plate for the weight tuning system. The magnets hold the cover securely to the body of the mouse, but offer quick easy access to the rubber weight tray that will hold up to six 4.5 gram weights. 



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Our Rating for DeathTaker Gaming Mouse Review (Hardware)
9.0 Design
Is it wrong to call a DeathTaker beautiful? Perhaps, but the DeathTaker is good looking mouse.
8.0 Functionality
Does everything that a gamer needs without sacrificing quality.
7.0 Value
The $80 seems fair, however, one would expect a case for the weights at that price.
7.5 Usability
I enjoyed using the DeathTaker, though I do admit, that the mouse is more suited for someone with average sized hands.
7.5 Overall
All in all, a solid mouse and a great addition to the GX line of Genius gaming gear.

Rating: 2.7, votes: 3

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