NZXT Phantom 410 Review (Hardware)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Mar 10, 2012 00:06

I am PC gamer through and through, and I love building PCs for my friends who are wanting to join in the PC clan. In the past 18 months, I have built over a dozen gaming PCs and well over half of those were in various NZXT cases (Apollo, M59, H2, Phantom, Vulcan, and others). NZXT’s product quality is a testament to the company, and they were kind enough to send one of their new Phantom 410 cases over for review. I expected the case to be great because of my hands on experience with their cases in the past, but I never expected it to the ridiculously fantastic piece of hardware that it is. Allow me to guide you on a tour of the phenomenal Phantom 410.

A Look at the Phantom 410’s Outside

nzxt phantom 410

The Phantom 410 is supposed to be the mid-tower modification of the full-tower NZXT Phantom. I remember un-boxing the Phantom case for the build I did for my brother-in-law and thinking that it was huge. Obviously, I expected the Phantom 410 to be considerably smaller, and looking at the case by itself, it seemed just that. So I put the 410 beside its older brother to see a real comparison instead of a comparison from memory. In terms of case height, these cases are almost equal, but the 410 is a few inches shorter in length than the full size Phantom. You will also notice in a side-by-side comparison, that they are not aesthetically identical, but rather the 410 mellows out some of the harsh edges of the Phantom and significantly changed the mesh shape on the top and front of the case.

NZXT Phantom 410

NZXT Phantom 410The front panel and top cover of the case are plastic and easily removed with firm tug from the bottom. Instead of the magnetic drive bay door on the original Phantom, NZXT opted for a hidden push/click latch on the right. NZXT also replaced the mesh drive bay covers with the solid white, easy-to-remove covers seen on H2 case. On the top, you still have the audio, mic, and 2 USB 2.0 ports, but the Phantom 410 only has 1 fan controller which toggles 3 settings, as opposed to the standard Phantom’s 5 fan controllers which freely slide to your desired speed. However, NZXT did provide enough 3-pin connectors that you can run all of your fans with the one fan controller. You should also notice that NZXT has replaced the eSATA port with 2 USB 3.0 ports.

The left side panel has a long rectangular window at the top to show of your CPU cooler.  Below that is a spot for a 120mm or 140 mm fan. As far as the exterior of the case goes, the rest is pretty standard.

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Our Rating for NZXT Phantom 410 Review (Hardware)
9.0 Construction
The majority of the case is solid steel, and even the plastic top and front panels feel sturdy.
9.0 Installation
Not only to the tool-less elements make it a quick build, but the screwdriver/riser adapter is the greatest invention since fire.
9.0 End-user
Anything you need, the Phantom 410 has it. Easy access I/O ports, and plenty of space to grow makes this a case for anyone.
10.0 Style
The Phantom design beckons people to look at it, and overall, I think the Phantom 410 looks a little more classy than its full-tower sibling.
10.0 Functionality
I have been sitting here for 20 minutes trying to thing of something to complain about. I got nothing. The Phantom 410 performs perfectly, has a lot of air flow, and is quiet as can be.
9.5 Overall
If you are looking for a great case that will last you a lifetime, then I suggest that you give the Phantom 410 a look. The Phantom 410 will be a great case for liquid cooling enthusiast and amateur builders alike.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 16

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