Corsair Vengeance K90 Mechanical Keyboard Review (Hardware)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Mar 31, 2012 23:17

Mechanical key switch keyboards are all the rage today among gamers and casual users alike. The quick response time and tactile feel of mechanical key switches give gamers the competitive edge and increase productivity by letting you type quicker.

Corsair has made its debut in the keyboard market with the Vengeance K60 and K90. Gamers Daily News has already reviewed the FPS geared K60, and Corsair has also sent us the MMO themed K90 to try out as well. Take a look and see what we thought of this new board.

vengeance k90

Vengeance K90 Design

vengeance  k90In keeping with the use of brushed aluminum for Vengeance line, the K90 uses the same aluminum frame that the K60 uses, but has a few extra holes on the top left for macro buttons. Like the K60, all of the keys protrude from the frame so that seem to float above the board. You still have the full layout with QWERTY, arrow, and 10 key sections using Cherry MX Red mechanical switches for optimal performance. Above the 10 key, you have 4 multimedia buttons for navigating videos, and the volume control scroll wheel and mute button. The indicator LEDs for Scroll, Num, and Caps lock still light up white next to the Windows key lock out button. You even have the non-tangle cable and USB hub built into the top. All in all, the basic features of the Vengeance K90 are identical to the K60, so I will not bore you with the same information, when you can read the K60 review here. Rather, I would like to focus on the 3 main differences that the K90 has; backlit keys, full wrist rest, and macro and profile keys.

The wrist rest on the K60 was geared towards FPS gamers with its placement at the left hand and contour to allow easy jumping with the spacebar key. The Vengeance K90 offers a wrist rest that spans the entire length of the keyboard. This rest is notably shallower than the K60 and attaches securely by two thumb screws in the side. This gives it a snug fit, but prevents you from quickly disconnecting it during transit.

vengeance 590

vengeance k90Each key on the K90 is illuminated. The main part of the board lights up a brilliant blue, hue while the G keys (macro keys) to the left have a white backlight. You can quickly adjust the brightness with the illumination button next to the Window key lock out. Though the light is bright, it is not overpowering and will not be a distraction in dark room.

The final difference between the K60 and the K90 is the addition of the G keys. On the left hand side, you have 18 G keys to program to any macro or function that you like. Just above the Escape and first F keys, you have 4 buttons that control these G keys. The first button acts as on on-the-fly macro record function. The 3 buttons to the right allow you to switch between 3 profiles, effectively tripling the number of functions you can add to the G keys.

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