Yesterday Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Xira Enya, Apr 03, 2012 16:58

Developed by Pendulo Studios, a company that largely focuses on cartoon-like and comedic adventure games, Yesterday strays from the comedy with a sadistic and twisted story about Yesterday reviewSatanism and murder. Don’t be fooled by the graphics! Expect lots of shocking images and psychopath characters in this mystery. Puzzles, conspiracies, murder, and love all play their part in Yesterday as you explore and solve the satanic, ritualistic murders of the homeless.

Fans of the adventure genre should be excited to give Yesterday a try. The gameplay is familiar and the story is rather unique. However, if you’re looking for something new and innovative with gameplay you won’t find it here. It is not very difficult compared to other games in the genre, so casual players may find more enjoyment without getting stuck often; though more serious gamers may be disappointed.

The Plot of Yesterday

In Yesterday you start out playing as a geeky redhead named Henry White, who is on a mission to help the homeless along with his jock-like friend Cooper. At first, I was thinking the game would play out like some sort of tag-team effort, alternating between these two main characters. However, after the first scene we take on an entirely new character, John Yesterday, who has no idea who he is, and we never go back to playing the first two. I was a little confused to why the first scene was even part of the game. There are a few other strange scenes as well, such as the flashback scenes. In some of these, John is in the mountains being trained by some blind master character about sword fighting and the “unknown sense.”

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Our Rating for Yesterday Review (Windows PC)
6.0 Replay
Each individual area may be replayed as many times as you would like.
7.0 Graphics
Everything is well drawn, but the animations are lacking.
6.0 Sound
Dialogue volume is sometimes inconsistent and buggy but the music is very nice!
7.0 Gameplay
Nothing particularly new or special but functions well nonetheless.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
6.5 Overall
There are some good things and some bad things but overall this is still an enjoyable and exciting adventure game.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0

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