Defenders of Ardania Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Chad Borjessan (WazzuHelix), Apr 24, 2012 17:43

Defenders of Ardania, a tower defense/RTS game developed by Most Wanted Entertainment, tries to bring a fresh gameplay element to an extremely crowded tower defense genre. Boiled down to the basics, Defenders of Ardania has you building towers to defend your base from Defenders of Ardania menu screenthe attacking enemy while you spawn your own attacking units that will try and take down the enemy base at the same time (there are several other games that have you doing this now as well). The concept at its core is a wonderful idea, when I first read about it, the first thing that came to mind is tower defense with Warcraft 3 mixed in. Unfortunately, the game is plagued with extremely frustrating balance issues.

Defenders of Ardania Gameplay

The gameplay in Defenders of Ardania should be pretty familiar to veterans of tower defense games. Basically, you build towers to defend your base and you upgrade them as needed. This part is fairly straightforward and easy to grasp even for a newcomer to the game but that is only half of what this game is about. The new element Defenders of Ardania introduces has you spawning a various number, although capped at a certain amount, of units to go and attack the enemy base while you defend. Every attacking unit has a purpose just like the various defense towers do. Some units can take on a lot of damage, some are extremely fast, some can fly, and some units play more of a utility role. These units level up as you whittle down the opposing base and if you are able to fully upgrade a unit, you are given a hero unit. These hero units are basically unstoppable and cause a good amount of extra damage to the base they are attacking. While controlling offense and defense, you can also upgrade your base to allow to build more attackers, build cheaper towers and units, and make more money.

Basic Defenders of Ardania Gamepaly

With the basics of the game fleshed out, the big question remains, how well does all of this work? To be honest, not very well at all. In a general sense, the units seem balanced for the most part. The problem could lie in the unit and tower caps. Since both are capped at a certain amount, you cannot really overwhelm your opponent or force them to decide whether to go for broke and attack, or turtle themselves to defend their base. This should not happen in a game that has that RTS element. Take Starcraft 2 for instance, one player can have a massive army but a terrible unit composition while the other may have less units but a balanced group with upgrades. This leads to an intense battle depended on focus firing and attack priorities(which Defenders does allow you to do) where either side can win. However, if that upgraded group gets into the massive amount of unit stage, there is no way the other player can compete. Basically what I am saying is the option needs to be there if someone wants to take the chance of massing units rather than slowly upgrading. I never really felt pressure to change my strategy at any point in this game.

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Our Rating for Defenders of Ardania Review (Windows PC)
3.0 Replay
Most people will be so irritated at the game that replayability is not a valid option.
5.0 Graphics
Got the job done and ran fairly smooth on my machine but units were hard to distinguish at times and nothing new was brought to the table.
6.0 Sound
Unit sound effects were great but the voice acting and background music was a forgettable experience.
4.0 Gameplay
Massive balance issues, a wonderful idea but it does not live up to the expectations even in the slight bit.
2.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Extremely broken, from the looks of it, most people cannot play and games that last over an hour with no progress are not fun for anyone.
4.0 Overall
As I said above, the concept is awesome, but the game is riddled with issues, multiplayer being the biggest one. I hope some patches are in the works for this game which could drastically improve the score once they fix the issues hampering gameplay.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0

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