Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Review (Hardware)

Posted by Chad Borjessan (WazzuHelix), Apr 25, 2012 12:13

First and foremost, Logitech products speak for themselves. The exceptional build quality, features, and customer support make them the gold standard of PC peripherals. I have been a Logitech customer since 2004 when I bought the MX510 optical gaming mouse. After about four years and hundreds of hours of gameplay on that mouse, I finally upgraded to a laser G5 gaming mouse. The G5 was even better than my MX510 and has been going strong ever since. When Logitech gave us the opportunity to do a hardware review on the G500, I was full of excitement like a kid on Christmas morning.logitech g500


The G500 is basically the G5 chassis with an upgraded laser, onboard memory, a couple of extra buttons, and the ability unlock the scroll wheel so it can spin freely for speedy internet browsing. The G500 uses the familiar weight tray setup with customizable weight configurations to make the mouse as comfortable as humanly possible. Once I took the mouse out of the box, I noticed it was a bit lighter than the G5. However, this was easily compensated for with the 27 grams of weight to spread across a six slot weight tray and before I knew it, I was up and running. The upgraded laser is probably the most recognizable change to the mouse. Going from a G5 to a G500 is like going from a Chevy Malibu to a Corvette. I had to dial down the sensitivity a bit just so I could slowly get used to the much faster response time of this mouse.  Once I got used to the speedy response, I was amazed at how much faster I was able to do little tasks here and there because I did not have to move the mouse quite as far.logitech g500

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Our Rating for Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Review (Hardware)
8.5 Design
Not quite a full redesign like the G9x but just enough was changed to keep up with the competition.
8.5 Functionality
Once you dial in your settings with SetPoint, this mouse is a beast whether you are gaming or browsing the web. Unfortunately, this is definitely a right handed mouse and not Mac compatible.
10.0 Value
For such an important component of a PC, the G500 handles not only the gaming side of things but also normal PC tasks which more than justifies its $60 average price point.
8.0 Usability
Great for all types of grips, the only one I see having problems are gamers that use the palm grip with both fairly large or small hands. Extremely responsive and I’m a big fan of the three side buttons.
10.0 Customer Service
Logitech’s support is well documented as just short of legendary. My first mouse came damaged from shipping but I had a new one at my house within a week.
9.0 Overall
Transitioning from my bulletproof G5 to the G500 was smooth as glass. The improvements only enhanced my experience and at $60, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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