Did you Know Lou Ferrigno Knows WoW Gamer Dating Habits

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Apr 26, 2012 19:43

Lou Ferrigno is a giant of a man, and now he’s not only flexing those impeccable pectorals, but also his inner insightfulness. Check out this quick video of him pontificating on the power of online gaming and its effect on gamer love lives.


Here’s an infographic on the same information which we included just so you could see WOW players have more amorous relations than their non-gaming American counterparts. How weird is that?

There’s some insightful stuff go to along with all that, for example:

If you somehow manage to court your chosen gender-orientation within the virtual hills and dales of WoW’s rich fantasy landscape be sure to avoid PvP realms. The last thing you need is a jealous ex-turned-griefer camping at the mouth of your guild waiting for an opportunity to gank your ass.

Yeah, that made me chuckle as well.

Lou ferrigKnows!
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The More you Ferrigknow series is set to continue soon with Kitties & Zombies, Sexy Smartphones and Grab a Guava all on the agenda.

Now they do seem to be taking a poke at gamers, talking about being in your mom’s basement all day, listening to Bell Biv Devoe and the whole cross-gender plaver vs. character thing. But it seems in good fun, plus, I bet it does wonders for World of Warcraft subscriptions!

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