Risen 2: Dark Waters Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), May 01, 2012 22:30

One of my personal favorite genres is Role Playing Games. RPGs let you step into the shoes and take control of someone’s life and control their destiny. Sadly though, RPGs have become tiresome for me because of their length and that ever pressing feeling of “haven’t I already done this.” Because most RPGs take place in a typical fantasy or space storyline, as I play I think, “Haven’t I already explored this dungeon?” or “Yay, a space opera not as good as Star Wars......again.” Being a completionist, a typical RPG takes me over 100 hours for one playthrough and I simple grow tired of RPGs in general.

Risen 2So it is refreshing when a company breaks away from the typical fantasy/space mold and offers something different. Risen 2: Dark Waters is a wonderful tale of pirates, voodoo, and lots of booty. Now, I have not played the first Risen title, but I am told that anyone can jump right into Risen 2 since it takes place several hundred years later with a completely disconnected story.

What it’s like to be a Pirate

The basic plot of Risen 2: Dark Waters is that the gods and the Titans fought with one another long ago, and the Titans were banished to the earth and sea. When they are released at the end of time, destruction will overtake the world. You take the role of some nameless man (if he has a name, I never caught it being used) in the Inquisition. Mara, the foul Titan of the deep, has released the Kraken and all sorts of other beasts into the world. Pirates are at war with other pirates who are in league with Mara. Your superiors in the Inquisition want you to infiltrate the world of the pirates and discover a way to kill Mara and make the high seas safe once again.risen 2

You begin your journey travelling to Tacarigua with the daughter of the famous pirate Steelbeard. If you can perform a few tasks and complete a few missions, Steelbeard will bring you aboard as a pirate and your journey to find the weapon that will end this madness begins. From here you travel to several islands and coastlines at the mercy of your superiors until you yourself become Captain.

Gameplay Mechanics of Risen 2

When you first get a sword, your basic tactic is to click the left mouse button as fast as you can. As you progress, you will learn various techniques and moves to help you survive such as parry, block, and kick. These new moves have little instructions to help you learn them. For example, to kick the game tells you to push spacebar. In a heated battle, I see my opportunity and push space, only to watch my character stop what he was doing and jump in place. It was after much trial and error that I discovered that you must hold the block button while pushing space to kick.risen 2

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Our Rating for Risen 2: Dark Waters Review (Windows PC)
6.0 Replay
I don’t see much reason to play Risen 2 again since I doubt the story will change much, however, I am sure it would be just as fun on the second playthrough as it is the first.
7.5 Graphics
The environment is beautiful and the enemies look great, but bad camera angles do seem to be a problem.
6.5 Sound
Everything sounds great, but the audio levelling is worse than the blaringly loud commercials on TV.
8.0 Gameplay
So easy, a caveman could do it. There is not a huge learning curve when you start and sending a monkey to steal and explore is indescribably fun.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
7.0 Overall
I would call Risen 2 a must buy for RPG fans and pirate fans alike. Probably the most fun I have had in an RPG since Borderlands.

Rating: 2.3, votes: 3

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