Kid Icarus: Uprising Review (Nintendo 3DS)

Posted by Joshua Kannegiesser, May 03, 2012 18:45

The Original Kid Icarus game for Nintendo’s first console is considered by most gamers of that console cycle as a cult classic. Kid Icarus had set new standards for console games by creating the perfect mixture of gaming ingredients; a little bit of platforming, a chuck of side Kid Icarus uprisingscrolling, a pinch of RPG elements, and a sprinkle of a simple inventory system overlaid with a fantastic soundtrack for its time, all wrapped into one cartridge meal. A follow up sequel came out on the Game Boy call Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monster in 1991, fast forward nearly 20 years later we are rewarded with the release of Kid Icarus: Uprising!

Don’t worry about not having played any of the first 2 games in the series, besides a short mention of Medusa’s escape maybe due to her being defeated or captured in the previous games, the rest of “Uprising” is a fresh new story.

Nintendo has done a wonderful job integrating a large portion on the 3DS’s hardware features into “Uprising” like the use of the play coins, street and spot passes, and the augmented reality and online multiplayer features. You can use the play coins to make offerings to Palutena to receive 3D models of game characters and items to view and collect. Each copy of the game comes with 6 augmented reality cards to put your creativity to the test. You can use the street/spot pass to share items and weapons with other 3DS gamers that you capture into gems. There is even an achievement system in the game that when certain objectives are met unlock panels that reveal a Kid Icarus picture!

Kid icarus gameplay

Kid Icarus Sound

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the original NES game was its soundtrack and I am proud to say that Kid Icarus: Uprising is here to continue the series’ legacy. Not only is “uprising” delivering the great score to the game with the standard music and sound effects it has upped the ante by adding voice acting for its characters. Most of them have never been given voices before and that is the one greatest thing that will stand out when discussing the sound topic of the game.

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Our Rating for Kid Icarus: Uprising Review (Nintendo 3DS)
10.0 Replay
With tons of extras in the game to unlock and the abilities to change difficulty levels on the fly. Buying new items and weapons in the shop and sending and sharing gems with fellow “Uprising” gamers. There’s no reason not to go back and play the levels over and over again to collect those precious hearts.
9.0 Graphics
The game pushes the systems hardware to its full potential and the 3D looks and feels amazing. Character reimagining and a first time 3D makeovers to classic game character make it worth a look.
9.0 Sound
The music is great and the recomposing of the old level music and sounds breathe new life into old classics. The addition of voices in the game along with its unique story telling style really takes it to the next level. At times I found myself paying more attention to the dialog than playing the game cause me to lose. Luckily the dialog remains the same every time you replay the level so after one or two play throughs I was able to focus back into the game play.
8.5 Gameplay
Fast and action pack. Arial combat levels are great and work well with the control issues. The grounds based combat levels lack in controls, but are manageable at best.
6.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
Gives you 2 different online modes, they have a few balance issues. Matching can be very short. Never experienced lagging when playing on line.
8.5 Overall
Most $60 console games don’t nearly have as much content as this portable hand held $40 game. If you have a 3DS and are looking for a new game, Kid Icarus: Uprising is the game that you are looking for hands down.

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