Super MNC Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Pat Gibbons (RedCoatGunman), May 04, 2012 00:30

Ever since a friend of mine bought it on Xbox Live a few years ago, I have been a huge fan of Monday Night Combat. Somehow, Uber Entertainment had managed to combine the best aspects of a class-based shooter with a tower defense game. After throwing in a cast of eccentric gladiators and a pro-sports backdrop, the result was instant gaming gold. Uber now seeks to improve on their previous success with the release of “Super” Monday Night Combat, a free-to-play sequel that promises the same action with plenty of new surprises.

Super MNC

This is the closest thing to sportsmanship you’ll see in online gaming.

At its core, Super MNC is no different from the original game. The goal is still to defend your team’s Money Ball and bots while attempting to destroy those controlled by your enemies. Much like the creeps in a DoTA game, bots spawn continuously and follow a designated lane to the Money Ball. This, however, is where the similarities between the two games end, as many subtle changes have been made. For starters, the shield that once protected the Money Balls from player attacks has been extended around the turrets protecting the lanes. This puts a greater emphasis on bot control than in the first MNC, as bots are still the only things capable of bringing the shields down. The manner in which bots spawn has also been simplified. In the previous game, a variety of different bots spawned at regular intervals during play. Now only basic creeps, like the Slimbots, will spawn continuously while all specialty bots, including the mighty Jackbot XL, must be purchased separately. This is a great addition, as it gives the players more control over the game while stressing the momentum-based gameplay that has become a staple of DoTA style games. Essentially, the team that performs better receives more money to spend on bots and power ups, thus gaining the advantage.

super MNC

One of these things doesn’t belong here.

Super MNC has also implemented a new system for in game upgrades. As you participate in a match, you will be able to upgrade your character’s abilities. There are five abilities that can be upgraded per class. These include basic attack, defense, and the three special class abilities, each of which can be upgraded four times. While similar to the upgrading system in the first MNC, the new system is different in one respect. Instead of purchasing upgrades with earned cash, characters now receive experience and gain levels. With each new level, you can buy one additional upgrade. This gives players greater flexibility, allowing them to save their money to buy bots and power ups.

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Our Rating for Super MNC Review (Windows PC)
7.0 Replay
With 15 classes and an incredible assortment of products and endorsements to unlock, there is no shortage of rewards for online play. The lack of additional game modes at launch is a bit disappointing though.
8.0 Graphics
The new classes and level designs are as good-looking as they are imaginative. The game runs smoothly, and I have yet to witness any major glitches.
7.0 Sound
The music and effects quality are great. The voice acting for the characters continues to impress. It would be nice if they had written a few more lines for the announcers though.
8.0 Gameplay
The new classes are fun to play, and many of the changes make the game more interesting / challenging. I still question the lack of turret management.
8.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Super MNC is currently multiplayer only. The Gamplay score is sufficient for this area and thus repeated here.
7.5 Overall
Super is a worthy successor to the original Monday Night Combat. There are a few things that I feel are missing, but I’m confident that they will be added later.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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