Prototype 2 Review (Xbox 360)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), May 07, 2012 22:06

Prototype 2 was a victim of its own hype machine. Considering that Activision was the publisher, it’s no surprise that a marketing machete was cutting a swath through Prototype 2 Offers some funconsumerville on its way to publishing. However, Prototype 2 actually manages to deliver on a lot of the promises and provides a fairly entertaining experience.

For those that don’t know, Prototype 2, developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Activision, is an open world action game that takes place in what was New York City, 14 months after the original game in the series which saw the city crumble into a wasteland due to a massive viral outbreak that turned people into hideously deformed creatures.

The game builds on that initial installation by having you confront Alex Mercer, the man said to be responsible for the outbreak, right from the get go. That sort of shifts you out of the total cliche revenge kick for killing your family but really only does so by making you question who’s responsible for it all. So yeah, the story isn’t all that engrossing and far from original but I won’t spoil it for you either way.

Not actual game footage of Prototype 2

The gameplay is beefed up in this iteration and you, as James Heller, have a lot of cool mutations that help you do some serious damage to your enemies and the surrouding environments. As you play the RPG elements come into focus and you can guide your evolutionary path be choosing from a range of powers, mutations and weapons.

Some of the major weapons you acquire over time include Tendrils which reminded me a lot of The Darkness. You also get massive claws, hammers, oversized fists and blades that each offer some unique attacks and ways to take out those who stand in your way.

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Our Rating for Prototype 2 Review (Xbox 360)
7.0 Replay
I think that once I finish the story completely I might return to pick up a couple things and that’s about it.
8.5 Graphics
The graphics are fairly good. Character models are well done as are environments and effects.
8.5 Sound
Nothing outstanding but far better than many other games. The voice overs are done well enough and the effects are robust and detailed. The music is more ambient than anything but really, when you’re playing for the most part you don’t have time to listen to music really.
9.0 Gameplay
The controls are decent aside from a few sloppy things. The gameplay is varied, though it could have done with more of it and there’s more than enough action to keep fans of this series and genre happy for a while.
2.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
The one sorely lacking thing in the whole of Prototype 2 is any sort of multiplayer action aside from challenging your friends to beat your score. There’s no real value apparently in even doing that, so why bother?
8.0 Overall
The game, for what it is, is quite good. I kind of enjoyed the story even though it’s fairly cliche and we’ve seen many variations on the theme. The lack of any real multiplayer in today’s gaming marketplace is a big hit to its longevity but even some other great open world action titles didn’t get it until the third game, so who knows. There is some DLC coming that could prove to lengthen the game’s lifespan, but it looks to be just more Events so maybe not.

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