Dragon’s Dogma Review (Xbox 360)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), May 25, 2012 22:52

Dragon’s Dogma puts you in the shoes as the Risen, a new hero to save the world from the dragon’s dogma falls flat in many areasreturn of the dragon. RAWR! It’s apparently going to be the first in a series as they’re calling it a "franchise" already. Hopefully the games will mature as time goes on because there are large, gaping holes in the gameplay of this title. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it and pour hour after hour into it. I did. I just didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I had hoped I would because of all the cool stuff they showed during development.

There are some really cool things in Dragon’s Dogma like the fact that you can grapple with enemies and if you’re larger than you, climb on them and attack from certain strategic positions. They also recognize some placed shots, so if say you hit a cyclops in the eye, it will freak out. That’s not to say that it’s always like that but I did try headshots with my bow anyway with some limited success. Yes, I also put an arrow in someone’s knee. That did not really stop them from advancing on me.

combat heav and repetitive

One of the major twists in the gameplay of Dragon’s Dogma is the introduction of the pawn. Like those old school isometric RPGs of old, you get a party. However, you have a main pawn who you get to customize both physically as well as personality for things like combat, aid, etc. Unfortunately, the pawn control system leaves much to be desired as you can only direct them to come, go and help. No, there’s not even an attack command, which is weird right? I mean it’s a game that has a serious focus on combat, and yet you can’t point to an enemy and yell attack to your teammates.

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Our Rating for Dragon’s Dogma Review (Xbox 360)
7.0 Replay
There are loads and loads of quests and story to get through here I just wish they were all more enjoyable.
7.5 Graphics
The massive monsters are massively cool looking as well. Facing off against things like a huge hydra, or climbing up a cyclops to stab him in the eye all look really great. But then, the draw distance is SO CLOSE that it’s annoying because things, and enemies pop up completely out of nowhere. The vastness they went for in landscape, should have been focused more on realistic sight lines.
7.5 Sound
The bloody pawns need to shut the hell up. They are so repetitive that I wanted to attack them myelf from time to time. The music is a weird Japanese mix of orchestrated score and one of those rockin anime intro songs on the main menu.
6.5 Gameplay
Ugh, I’m so disappointed here. While there are some cool things, they’re not all cool and not nearly as cool as they looked like they would be. Plus combat is boring after oh say, 10 hours of it.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Nope, the only interaction you have with others is borrowing their pawns for quests. Why couldn’t they have made the option of replacing your pawn with yourself in someone else’s party? That would have been so cool.
7.0 Overall
Satisfactorily accomplished a game, not a great game, not an epic, awesome, magnificent game...just a game. The pawn system is cool, but in terms of interesting and valuable, yeah, not so much. Hopefully they learn from the mistakes and do better on the next outing in the franchise. We can hope, right?

Rating: 2.6, votes: 8

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