World of Battles Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Chad Borjessan (WazzuHelix), Jun 13, 2012 18:31

When I was given the opportunity to review World of Battles, I went in with a negative attitude, thinking the game was just another fantasy RTS to throw into an already crowded genre. After my walkthrough of the game by the Frogware development team, I came away with a new World of Battlespositive outlook about this game. The best way to describe it to someone unaware of the game is actually quite simple. It is an online RTS game that, when boiled down to its core concept, runs like the board game “Risk” in a fantasy setting but on a massive scale with a constantly changing environment. All this wrapped up in a FREE TO PLAY package make any gamer interested in the RTS genre, give it a second glance.

Gameplay -

Once World of Battles is started, you have to go through a series of tutorials to get acquainted with the game. Frogwares does a great job laying out the basic controls and concepts you need to get rolling in the game. Once you play through some tutorials and challenges, you begin to level up your army. This allows you to unlock more features such as clans, the Global Map, and full army management with customization. There are really two games rolled into one when World of Battles is boiled down to its core.

Choosing units in world of battles

One half consists of the army composition and upgrades needed to make said army successful. This is obviously important for the simple reason that if your units are weak and meet an army with a superb composition with the slightest of upgrades, you will get absolutely steamrolled. It is best to have a mixture of front line tanks (infantry), long range damage dealers (shooters), support troops to prevent flanking and charges (pikeman), and a group to flank and do massive damage while the enemy is distracted (cavalry). Each army is also given giant units which can be used to turn the tide of any battle. They are HUGE compared to the rest of the army’s units and have some special abilities that make them the ultimate swing unit on the battlefield. As the commander of the battlefield, you also have a few special abilities to either deal damage to the other army or temporary buff your troops. This requires the gamer to constantly be paying attention because, as I quickly learned, if you neglect these skills, the tide of the battle can quickly get turned against you. Once you get the basic concepts of the game down, it is fairly easy to keep up and get your armies into the correct position. The challenges given to you in the main menu always keep you on your toes, even if you do not feel like playing anyone online but I would strongly recommend against missing out on the multiplayer portion of this game. I will go into that in a bit more detail later.

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Our Rating for World of Battles Review (Windows PC)
9.0 Replay
Since this is primarily an online game, the replay value is pretty much unlimited. You can attack other clans, defend your own territory, complete a challenge, or just play a quick match at anytime.
6.5 Graphics
Nothing exciting and seems to get lost once the battles begin which could be a good or bad thing depending on who you talk to.
6.5 Sound
Menu music is fairly entertaining but unit noise and voice chatter can get a bit on the repetitive and annoying side.
7.0 Gameplay
Pretty basic RTS at its core, you need better units and better upgrades than the other guy but it is pretty easy to understand once you get the hang of it.
9.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
The Global Map is a highlight feature of the game, matches usually last no longer than ten minutes, and the depth of the upgrades and unit composition is quite impressive.
7.5 Overall
For a free to play game, World of Battles is a good game. While it is not a big budget blockbuster or near perfect, Frogwares does a great job constructing a game that is both enjoyable while playing and immersive as you try to dominate the Global Map with your army.

Rating: 4.8, votes: 5

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